Social Fabric University: Food Photography Class


I enjoy writing a wide variety of posts at The Mama Report.  In the year and half since I started my blog I can definitely see growth in my writing ability and my photography skills.   But as I have discovered a number of increasingly amazing food bloggers I must admit I have turned green with envy.  The images they take make me jealous, stunned, and inspired all at the same time.  While I cover a wide variety of topics, I must admit food posts and especially those with photography are my personal favorite.

I am pleased to announce that I am a student in the new Social Fabric University!  Specifically our course will focus on improving our food photography skills.  I can’t wait to expand my knowledge not only on the specifics on my camera, but also how to properly stage my shots.   My husband and I created a light box a while ago, though I know I am not using it effectively.

Since I am a SAHM to three little boys, I am hopeful that this class will provide simple techniques that I can apply to improve my photos.  Occasionally I will have a fully developed photography session, but most of the time I take my photos fairly quickly while juggling a multitude of other items.  I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself if I wasn’t multi-tasking:)

I have come to realize through my brief experience that photo editing can be just as important as taking the actual photo itself.  Paring these two dimensions together to create mouth-watering photos is my hope.

Here is a recent photo I took for a different campaign  just a couple of weeks ago.

And while this photo represents the best of my food photography at the moment I am anxious to improve.  Consider this my “before” photo:)   Most quality food bloggers/photographers will have a series of many different amazing photos per post.  I may only have one or (if I’m lucky) two good shots to include in my post.  Hopefully, I will have a collection of useable photos soon!

Please join me on my journey.  Please feel free to weight in with your thoughts.  Advice is always welcome.  Uff dah, I can’t believe I’m in school again.   We even have a syllabus!   I think my heart skipped a beat once I saw that!  It’s been eight years since I created a syllabus for others and over twelve years since I have taken a class myself.  Time to head back to class!



  1. Food photography started out as something I was once interested in and quickly became an obsession. I’d love to take a class online or at the local college someday but for now I just practice and play with ideas until something works.

  2. I’m looking forward to learning along with you. Your shot of your chicken looks pretty good to me 🙂


  3. Your chicken dish looks divine!

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