Social Fabric University- The Final Results



If there was one word to describe my my six week Food Photography with Sony class via Social Fabric it is- light.

When I take any picture these days, I am always focused on the amount of light on the subject.  Before this class I had a general sense of what a good photograph consists of.  I understood the picture required balance and contrast.

But creating an excellent photo is so much more than that.  It is a variety of elements combined to create a perfect image through a lens.  Indirect light, with reflecting light to expel shadows will help create an excellent image.  But then there is also the matter of photo editing.  Even an excellent shot can be improved upon with a little clever photo editing.  Lightness and brightness can add a visual appeal that you might not even have noticed was lacking.

Successful food photography, or any sort of photography requires-

  • a well arranged placement of items to be photographed
  • a complimentary background and foreground, perhaps with added texture
  • vibrant, perhaps contrasting colors
  • effective light placement
  • fine tuned photo editing- sharpening, lightning, brightening

Pulling all of these elements together for a striking, compelling and worthwhile photo takes work, planning, and sometimes luck!

Thanks to Social Fabric, I now have a learners understanding of these aspects of photography.  When I prepare a shot, my mind dissects all the information attempting to pull everything together in the best possible way.  It’s a learning process.  Not every shot I take is successful.  But having a core basis of knowledge, thanks to this opportunity, I plan to continue the path of learning in an attempt to constantly improve my photographs.

By the way, all the pictures in the post above are mine!  Woo hoo!  They may be simple, but I believe they are also powerful.  An they make up my photography portfolio highlighting the best of my work during this class.

It’s official I have a camera and watch out! because I know how to use it!:)


  1. Love the simplicity of your photo’s – the detail really shows through. Great Job!

  2. I just love the soft, inviting quality of your shots! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more on your blog – no doubt about it!

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