Sometimes It’s the Little Things


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popsicle little moments

There are grande moments in life. And well….. those moments are grande. But mostly life is made up of small moments that make us happy, that brighten our day.  They don’t have to be jaw-dropping. Instead they are simple and sweet. They can bring us a sense of calm or a subtle smile to the lips.  

For me those moments include appreciating the fallen leaves on a chilly autumn morning.


And discovering that my husband has washed the dishes. Hooray! 


For my husband those little moments include discovering a new well-made board game.


Or discovering a hilarious new commercial. 


And just like us, my kids find pleasure in all those simple things.  That is what childhood is all about, right?  The joy of our children is what makes parents content and rest easy at night.  

Some of my kid’s simple pleasures include being able to have chocolate milk, instead of white milk on occasion.  You would not believe how incredibly happy this makes them! 

chocolate milk


The simple satisfaction and thrill of a fast slide. 


A very obvious joy is being able to savor a Popsicle, but what isn’t so apparent, is the sheer delight they have upon finishing this special treat to discover a joke waiting for them.  As if eating a  Popsicle wasn’t a joy within itself, being able to anticipate a silly note at the end makes it undoubtedly a simple form of bliss for my boys.

2013-09-08 18.05.17

Regardless if they actually understand the joke or not, the tag line is sure to illicit giggles, jut because it should.  Or inevitably any joke will be switched into a potty-filled version.  Such is the humor of little boys. 

popsicle jokes

No doubt they are mini-comedians-in-training trying to capture a smile and the limelight for a moment.  

popsicle sticks

I can’t deny there have been times my boys have woofed down a Popsicle merely for the sake of discovering the joke printed on the stick.  

These simple moments for my husband and I are part of our adult mindset and current pace in life, but for our children they will make up the consciousness that is their childhood.  I hope they always remember these little joys. 

three boys on slide


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  1. Joyce Raymond says

    What a great review! I have no interest in even getting any kind of android, but you caught my interest and I read every word!

  2. Your boys are so cute and have the cutest smiles on their faces. To see the joy in the face of a child is something I cherish forever. They grow up way to fast so it is the little things in life you hold on to.

  3. I clearly remember the simple joy of popsicles. They were cold, juicy and so many flavors to choose from thay we were all threilled. I still like a popsicle in the summer The one treartsure to cool a child or adult down and offer the perfect taste to boot.

  4. Mia Dentice Carey says

    Oh I LOVE it when they have riddles & jokes on the popsicle sticks!!!!!!!!!!! =) ADORABLE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  5. Jenny Stanek says

    First of all, that picture of the kids (the top one) is a priceless, frame-worthy picture. And the picture of the leaves is GORGEOUS

  6. Sandra VanHoey says

    The simple moments are so special and you;re so correct. As for the popsicles, I still get the fudgsicles and ypsicles and love them. till brings a smile to Grandma’s face just like the kids.

  7. sandra davis says

    my kids love Popsicles. they love the riddles on the sticks and tell them over and over. Life is not complete without the little simple things in life. Your children are so cute.

  8. Carrie Phelps says

    I love the riddles. Now that my six year old grandson is able to read he would enjoy reading these to his siblings.

  9. The jokes/riddles are so cute! How fun!

  10. Sacha Schroeder says

    Your kids look so happy! Thank you for sharing all of these fun times!

  11. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    one of the best things about finishing a popsicle is the jokes on them we love to go around and read our jokes off of them.

  12. Holly Thomas says

    I really enjoyed this post, I also still get excited when I have Chocolate instead of regular milk.

  13. when i was younger i use to love the little riddles

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