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If you remember my preview post (available here) I’ve partnered together with Cooking Planit, T-fal, and a bunch of awesome bloggers for a mega cookware set.  Get all the details and see how to enter to win NOW by visiting my previous post.  Starting on September 10th, you’ll want to visit The Mama Report for your chance to win this awesome cookware.

But before you have a chance to win (at least via The Mama Report) I wanted to fill you in on this cooking set.  There is something so exciting about new cookware.  This set includes 12 pieces which basically means your entire kitchen is about to be transformed. That’s a lot of pots and pans!

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Part of me just wanted to keep looking longingly at my new set.  They are so shiny, clean, and perfect.  But of course, my admiration was short lived as I had meals to make for hungry little boys.  I’ve used these pieces multiple times already and I must admit I’m loving them.  I used this T-fal set to replace my older Calphalon collection.  It wasn’t until I look at all these shiny pieces that I realized it was definitely time to replace my old set.  They were dented, stained, and kinda gross.  My previous set was not non-stick.  Uff, what a mess! Non-stick is makes for such easy clean up.  Yeah, I’m all about easy clean up.  If you caught the little info tab on the pictures of the box you’ll see it even claims that they can be tossed into the dishwasher!  I was more than willing to put that claim to the test!:) Success!  My new pans are now well acquainted with my dishwasher and they get along smashingly.

t-fal pan


(Thermo-spot heat indicator let’s you know when the pan is ready!)

What else do I like about this set?

1. Rubber handles.  So simple, yet so awesome.  Again my older set did not have this feature.  And unfortunately I must admit I’ve grabbed a hot pan handle too many times.  I need these rubber handles.  My hands need this option.  If you are a genius and always remember not to touch a hot pan than it might not be necessary for you:)

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(Notice my cooking buddy my his subtitle appearance)

2. Measuring with in the pot! Yep, there are measuring lines included inside the pans.  Brilliant!

3. Lots of options.  This set has a lots of options to help you use the cookware that best fits your project.  My favs are the small and large saucepans.  If one son wants a camel’s eye for breakfast I use the little pan.  If two or more want one I’ve got the bigger pan to tackle the job.


4. Dishwasher safe! Okay, okay I know I already mentioned this, but honestly it is such a perk.  I’m all about the dishwasher.  I’ve logged enough hours standing at a sink cleaning icky dishes. Give me help.  Give me a simple option.  Give me pans to stick in a dishwasher!

That’s my skivvy on this set.  Check out the set via Amazon (not an affiliate link).

Don’t forget to come back here on September 10th for your chance to win!!!


  1. I believe we just ordered this from Amazon. I am so glad you like your set so much!!

  2. This looks like such great quality! I could really use some new cookware.

  3. shelly peterson says

    This is super nice1 I would love to have this, my cookware is pretty old.

  4. Sacha Schroeder says

    I am in dire need of new cookware. This looks amazing!

  5. Stephanie Phelps says

    Wow these are very nice! I have always wanted some that were dishwasher safe!

  6. This looks like good stuff!

  7. I love that they are dishwasher safe!

  8. I have a few T-Fol pot’s & pan’s, they have lasted me a few years now. I like using them too.

  9. I love T Fal. I’ve had a few pieces for years.

  10. Rebecca Parsons says

    I had t-fal a long time ago and I didn’t like it. But then I bought some a year ago and love it now. They made a lot of changed to it.

  11. we need something like this.. our cookware is sooo old..

  12. Renee Walters says

    This is so nice! I love that they are dishwasher safe!

  13. i have a few pieces with that Thermal Spot and I really like it. T-Fal has such a good reputation in the cookware market.

  14. What a fabulous cookware set, T-Fal is excellent!

  15. Christy Anderson says

    What a nice cookware set!

  16. Erin Thompson says

    I love T-fal. All my pots and pans are this brand. They are durable and last a long time.

  17. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I had a set of t-fal several years ago. They were pretty good. The set I had were different than this set. This set looks awesomer than the one I had

  18. Mary Dailey says

    I would love to have this cookware set! It looks like such good quality and I love the idea of stainless and no stick!

  19. Kathy Lane says

    I really love T-Fal products!It’s the only cook wear I use.I just love this set,and would be nice to have it.

  20. Dawn Monroe says

    I put this on my Christmas list! This time I want non stick and long lasting pots and pans. These would probably last years.

  21. amanda whitley says

    i was just saying to my husbands yesterday about how bad we needed to find some new cookware. thanks for the review!

  22. kathy pease says

    This set looks so awesome and I bet it would be the last cookware set you would ever need to buy.I need to update my cookware it is sol old.

  23. chickie brewer says

    Beautiful cookware that my kitchen needs.

  24. I have to agree wholeheartedly with you – the measuring lines inside the pans is a piece of brilliance! Both a time saver and a dirty-dishes saver!

  25. Charisse Murray says

    i need these pots

  26. Tanya White says

    I want these pots, I need something like this that is dishwasher safe!


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