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We are a New Generation of Salsa Makers Inspiring Global Flavor with Local, Sustainable Ingredients.

Our promise is to constantly evolve — pushing boundaries, giving back and exposing the voices and new methods we believe in.

The Brooklyn Salsa Company was born in a Bushwick loft in the early summer of 2008, originally operating as an underground taco delivery service. Now we’ve taken our DIY roots to the jar, blending small batches of fresh ingredients using Conscious Methods – Direct Trade with Local, Organic Farmers. We use ingredients grown as close as 15 miles from our kitchen by small, family farms. The meticulous selection of our ingredients is based on the climate and health of the soil they’re grown in, the people that grow them, and the explosive flavor of each pepper, onion, and stalk of cilantro we use. Over 100 different varietals of New York State, Organic, Heirloom Tomatoes go into our jars, and every lid is sealed by hand. We use no artificial preservatives … only fresh Lime Juice. For other tropical ingredients, like the fresh Oranges, Mangoes and Coconuts we need from our friends a little closer to the equator, we’ve designated funds to aid cooperative farmland in places that could use a helping hand. We’ve also teamed up with Community Gardeners, Local CSA’s, and Public Schools to transform the rooftops, compostable landfills, backyards, empty lots, cement parks and rough kept streets of NYC into a living, breathing, Urban Farm.

CONSCIOUS METHODS from The Brooklyn Salsa Company on Vimeo.

I recently saw a short blurb in the July/August 2011 issue of Whole Living magazine about the The Brooklyn Salsa Company.  To quote Whole Living, “Local rooftop gardens and organic farms, …addictive, slow-cooked concoctions is as close as you’ll get to homemade“.   Hmmmm…I was intrigued.  We love salsa around my house and the idea of using local ingredients is always a plus in my book.    What makes this idea even more impressive is that they are using local ingredients in New York City.  Obviously it is not as though you can retrieve some fresh tomatoes from your large abundant field.  Farming and gardening in New York City requires a bit more thoughtfulness and creativity.  But the question that is really of the utmost importance is, “does it taste good?”.   I set up two different sampling occasions at my home.  First- just myself, my husband, and Nana.

We sampled the six different varieties.  Let’s take a look at each one.

 Tokyo- The Sun is a carrot ginger salsa and is considered mild.  This was by far our least favorite salsa of the bunch.  It was a bit more runny than the rest and didn’t have as much flavor.  I would take a pass on this particular salsa next time.

Staten Island- The Green is a Golden Tomatillo Verde and is considered mild.  This salsa was my personal favorite.  I loved the sesame and cumin seeds and found the mixture to be quite tasty.  We had carnitas for supper the other night and I poured some of this salsa on a tortilla with the meat and it was delicious!  Definitely a winner!

Manhattan- The Pure is a classic mild salsa.  We found this blend to be a good basic mixture.  This salsa represents a typical American salsa with mostly tomatoes, green peppers and onions.  This was not particularly original, but it was a good basic salsa.

Queens- The Tropical is a medium heat salsa that is definitely unique.  With coconut milk and orange juice it is unlike any other salsa I have ever tasted.  My initial impression (before I even tasted it) was that I wouldn’t like it.  Tropical Salsa?  Of course I had to try it for the sake of the review……it was good!  Surprise, surprise I liked it!  This salsa would be tasty on a sandwich or burger.  I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I believe it would add a little Thai-like taste to your lunch.

The Bronx-The Curry is a hot salsa with an Indian flair.  Curry salsa!?  I HAD to try this.  I love Indian food and was immediately hit with a taste of curry upon my bite.  Yum!  This would be my personal favorite except that I would need to tone down the spice one level.  While this mixtures isn’t extremely hot it is a bit more than I can handle in larger quantities.   The taste is delicious and Nana and I agreed that this would taste great with cooked chicken, Basmati rice and some naan.  All you would need to do is simply pour it over the chicken and Viola! it’s a meal!

Brooklyn- The Hot is simple, explosive, and our paradigm salsa. You won’t know until you know, and when you do it’s too late. This is where the heat is.  Oh, lordy is this true!  This salsa was waaaay too hot for me.  After one taste I was hurting, however my husband (who can handle the heat) loved it!  I’ll stick to my easy to handle salsas, but if you like heat my husband recommends this one.

After our initial taste testing I was impressed overall with the quality and taste of The Brooklyn Salsa Company products.  I decided to give them a real taste-test at my son’s 4 year old birthday party.  I managed to snap a quick pic in the midst of the party.

I falsely thought my guests would prefer The Green or The Pure.  Much to my surprise most of them really liked The Hot.  I guess I must have weak taste buds.   The Curry was also widely popular and much praised for being original.   Doesn’t the salsa spread look great?  I would highly recommend the Sunshine 6 pack for entertaining purposes.  Simply open a bag of chips and let your guests have fun trying the different varieties.  With all the different flavors someone is sure to have a favorite.  Entertaining doesn’t get easier than this!

Connect with The Brooklyn Salsa Company on Facebook and look for it in Whole Foods Market in KY, MD, NJ, PA, OH, VA, & Washington D.C. in September.

I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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