The Mama Report Cooks Pioneer Woman Style


One of my favorite blogs out there is The Pioneer Woman.  I recently acquired her cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl.  After reading through the book and carefully marking pages I started cooking some of the recipes this past week.  Here are my reviews at this point. (I still have more recipes to make)

Egg-in-the-Hole–  I knew about this recipe before.  Obviously she did not invent this idea.  But the pictures in the book made me want to try it out again.  This is all I wanted to eat for days!  It is simple, but very satisfying.  A big letter A for this recipe!  (by the way I don’t call them egg-in-the-hole I call them egg-in-a-basket- there are so many different names for this perfect breakfast)

Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich- This may be Marlboro Man’s favorite sandwich, but it is not Father Geek’s favorite.  It was way too greasy for poor Father Geek’s stomach.  It was tasty, but our family will not be trying this one again.  Marlboro Man must have a stomach made out of steel!  The Mama Report grade C

Marmalade Muffins- I made these muffins this morning for our Muffin Mondays.  And it was a mixed bag.  Father Geek and my middle son really enjoyed them, while my eldest son and I were not convinced.  If you really enjoy the orange citrus taste these will probably be for you.  We will not be making them again.  Hey, I didn’t really care for them and they were fairly messy to make so poor Father Geek and middle son are out of luck.  The Mama Report grade B


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