Toasting Valentines’ Day with Concannon Wines


I am not a wine expert.  Let me be upfront about this fact.  I enjoy an occasional glass of wine, but usually I’ll just have a beer.  Yep, I’m classy like that:)  Many wines can have a lasting aftertaste that isn’t always enjoyable.   I like a glass of wine to be smooth tasting, a rich velvety goodness.

But where do you begin? How do you know what is good?  There are SO many wines available.  Visit any liquor store and you are sure to be surrounded by a fortress of glass wine bottles.  Like many things in life, wine is personal and everyone has their own preferences.   Perhaps one of the first aspects to consider is white or red.  My family prefers red wines- Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon being the most popular.  But many people like the light sweetness of white wines instead.

I had previously taste tested a Concannon wine and found it to be very appealing.  And I was eager to try another set of wines from their Conservancy collection- a 2009 Merlot and a 2010 Chardonnay.  Obviously being the red wine lovers that we are, we opened the Merlot first.  It’s a good thing I took a few pictures before I even tasted the wine, because it disappeared before I knew it.

It’s official, Concannon Wines are some of the best wines I have ever had.   I don’t know the fancy terminology used to describe the taste of wines, but let me assure you this was smooth.  No bitter aftertastes,  only a pleasant richness.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive wine ($10-$15) for your Valentine’s Day I would definitely recommend this wine or Concannon’s Chardonnay.  You can bet I will be making a trip to my local liquor store to purchase another bottle for our special day!

As I mentioned we are not white wine drinkers, but if all white wines tastes like this Chardonnay we might make the switch.  All too often it seems like white wines are too sweet.  If I wanted dessert, I would eat it, not drink it.  But this Chardonnay tasted like a white wine should in my opinion.  Light and smooth with no pucker aftertaste.  There I go again, using the word smooth.  But after drinking these two wines that is the overall thought that I am left with.  They really are smooth.

Concannon makes a wide variety of wines to suit every taste.  Check out the vineyard online to view their entire wine selection, plus the rich history surrounding the company.


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  1. You are too funny ! Loved this review, you had me laughing with the desert !

    It looks very appealing in the glass ! Thanks for a great review !

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