Treat Your Sweet to Bake Pop Cake Pops this Valentine’s Day


I have been drooling over images of cake pops for some time now.    When I first started seeing them on various blogs and in bakeries I thought they looked fun, but not like something I would actually want to make.  Then as time went on and I kept seeing more and more of them (and gosh darn, but they’re so cute!) I knew I would need to give it a try for myself.

Bakerella I am not, but I figured if you can read the directions you can do just about anything.  This philosophy was entirely true when I decided to make cake pops using Bake Pop.  As I would find out baking the pops was a literally a piece of cake (pun intended), however I faced some icing challenges that can easily be remedied with experience.

Let me show you my experience.

I sprayed my cake pop pans with non-stick cooking spray and I even dusted them with a little flour, however I probably didn’t need to do that.

Next, it was time to make the batter.  You can use any boxed cake mix, but there are directions to make your cake pops even better.  They recommend adding a package of instant pudding, one extra egg, and using milk instead of water.  I followed these enhanced directions has it makes a denser pop.  They also recommend using similar packaged cake mix and pudding.  For instance chocolate cake mix with chocolate pudding.  I did not follow this recommendation (I’m a rebel like that) and instead used a white cake mix that had sprinkles and a chocolate pudding mix.  In reality it was just what I happened to have at home, but it worked out great.  I think a lot of experimentation could be done here to find the best mix for your family.

My baking buddy was quite literally into the job.  If there is a bowl of ingredients that needs mixing you can bet that he will be there, whether I want him to or not!

Next I add the batter to the pans.  It is almost impossible not to have them overflowing.  I was not sure how this was going to work.  Stay tuned…..

I placed the top portion on, notice that I also sprayed this side with non-stick cooking spray.

Don’t forget to add the fasteners for each side.  These are very important.

When it was time to take my cake pops out of the oven they looked like this.  I wasn’t completely surprised, but I worried if the pop still turned out alright and if this was going to be a big stuck-on mess.

Luckily the top portion simply came right off!  No mess.  Just little odd ball pieces that my kids were glad to eat!

Once the cake pops were cool is was time for icing and decoration.  Let’s say that I learned a lot in this portion of the process.  Make the cake pops was a breeze, but for me and my lack of experience the frosting part was…….messy.  First thing I learned?  Put newspaper down over the area you are decorating.  I had chocolate and almond bark all over my counter tops which is not easily cleaned.

By my last two or three cake pops I had developed a technique, isn’t that the way it works?  Next time I make them I imagine I will have a much easier time.  Part of my problem however was probably that fact I was trying to hide this process from my two year old son.  As I mentioned he is actively involved in the kitchen, I can’t STOP him from taking part.  I knew I did not want him to “help” me with this as it is so messy and particular.  I furiously worked in a corner of the kitchen with my back to my work.  I put Elmo on in the other room, but he knew something was up.  He kept running back, trying to peek.  Each time he came into the kitchen I would say “what is Elmo doing” “isn’t Elmo fun”.  He was torn.  Luckily he never did get into my mess, but I then again I made a fine mess on my own.

The results?  I think they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!  I served them at a girls movie night at my house and everyone wanted to know how I made them.   I had to grab them from the kitchen to explain the process.   As I told them, they truly are easy to make and I anticipate a much easier time my second attempt regarding the icing.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those look AMAZING!

  2. Janell Poulette says

    I can’t find the recipe at this link – I have a cake pop maker and I would love this recipe!

    • Oh wow, Janell, I’m completely flattered:)
      I used a sprinkled box cake mix, instant chocolate pudding mix, I made sure to use milk instead of water with the cake mix and added an extra egg.
      For the icing I melted mint chocolate chips and vanilla almond bark and just poured it over the pops and then sprinkled the Valentine decorations on top!

      • Janell Poulette says

        I do almost the same thing with my cake mix 🙂 I have also put a cup of yogurt in the batter too. I live at a high altitude so adding the pudding mix really helps my cakes to bake correctly. Thanks – I will have to try this soon.

  3. Any suggestions for making bake pops using cake made from scratch? I’ve been completely unsuccessful using the bake pop pans with my own batter.

    • I’m afraid I’ve never tried making them from scratch:( I’m sure someone on the web has instructions. I would give it a search via Google! Thanks for visiting!


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