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I was not compensated directly for this post, however I do have a professional connection to Bigelow Tea through my employer Collective Bias.  All opinions are my own.  #AmericasTea #CollectiveBias #cbias


During this season of transition to colder temperatures and changing colors, there is a quiet comfort that comes from enjoying a warm cup of tea.  My favorite way to sip Bigelow Tea is by witnessing the morning light descend upon the autumn colors that I can view outside my windows.  I need to see open spaces to clear my mind and make me feel at ease. Luckily there is a small trout stream behind my home that easily allows for calming, unobstructed views of nature while in the midst of city life.  With my cup of tea in hand I can let the day unfold in all it’s beauty.  

Prior to my visit to the Bigelow Tea headquarters in Fairfield, CT I will admit I didn’t have a wide basis of knowledge about tea.  I knew Bigelow Tea created superior quality tea, but I didn’t know how or why.  Basically I was taking the word of my friends, family, and colleagues as the truth without investigating on my own.  While it is standard practice to trust those around you, my appreciation for Bigelow Tea has magnified since touring the factory.  I’ve come to understand that every single tea bag has been created and packaged with care.  


After spending the morning touring the facilities and taste testing a variety of teas, there are a few long-lasting pieces of information that have resonated with me. 

1. It’s all about the ingredients!

Bigelow Tea is dedicated to using the best ingredients in their tea. Tear open the foil pouch and you’ll probably smell the pleasant aroma of oil of bergamot from Calabria, Italy.  


 I wish I could properly share with you all the amazing smells that are a part of touring a tea factory.  Typically one might think of factories as being mechanical and therefore unpleasant smelling.  While the Bigelow Tea employees are efficient, organized, and busy they work in an environment surrounded by the sweet smell of tea.  Depending upon the blend of tea that is being produced in a particular day the air can smell of orange peel, cinnamon, or other comforting aromatics.  The wonderful smell of Bigelow Tea and of course the taste as well, are in direct relation to the high quality ingredients used in every packet. There may be cheaper options than to purchase oil of bergamot from a supplier in Italy, but the Bigelow family sticks by their best source without increasing prices to the consumer. 

 2. Bigelow Tea is designed for the American palate. 

While taste testing several teas our group had the opportunity to distinctly note the difference that is Bigelow Tea. There was one brand in particular that had a Japanese inspired taste.  For those who prefer the Japanese tastes this tea might be a good option.  However for me, there was no doubt that I wanted the tea designed with the American palate in mind.  


Bigelow Earl Grey tea is my favorite and there was a distinct flavor difference when compared to the other brands. Obviously, I don’t know nor do I understand the science behind determining the best mixture of spices to fit American tastes.  But I can say quite simply– it tastes good! Clearly whatever it is they are doing, it’s working. 

3. It’s a family matter! 

While we didn’t have the opportunity to visit with members of the Bigelow family on this visit, we did meet with many employees who stated how much they enjoyed working for Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow.  This company isn’t ruled by a board. The Bigelow family knows their employee names and values the time and energy they bring to their work.  At the heart of this powerful and successful tea is company is relationships.  


Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow still visit the headquarters almost every day, though they are in their 80’s. It was Mr. Bigelow’s mother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow, that started what would become Bigelow Tea with her special mix of spices used to produce Constant Comment. This distinct flavor is still a family secret.  During our tour we were told how the family locks the doors to prepare this undisclosed mixture.  Third generation president and CEO, Cindi Bigelow is dedicated to ensuring Bigelow Tea is around for many years to come. 


I can’t say that I look at a Bigelow Tea bag the same after having the opportunity to tour the entire factory.  There is such dedicated care and precision involved in every step of the process.  Bigelow Tea isn’t a merely a product anymore, but faces and names.  

While tea this time of year is comforting in it’s own right, there is a sweet satisfaction in knowing that the tea I’m drinking has been made with tender loving care.  I’m going to continue to enjoy my Bigelow Tea at daybreak with a full sky in front of me and the promise of an entire day. 


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