White Bean & Sausage Soup via The Baking Sheet


I recently received my first copy of The Baking Sheet.  What is The Baking Sheet you ask?  It is the seasonal recipe newsletter from King Arthur Flour.  This winter 2012 issues was graced by a recipe of White Bean & Sausage soup.  This winter has been thoroughly disappointing.  I am fairly certain I have never lived through a winter that didn’t have a substantial snow storm.  It is indeed, odd.  And I miss the snuggled, coziness of winter weather.  Sure, the 60′ temperature we currently have can be nice in some ways, but I am starting to believe our chance at a winter storm is truly over.

In my last ditch attempt at capturing the winter feeling I made this White Bean & Sausage Soup and simple bread machine bread recipe.

This soup made for a complete, hearty meal for the family.   My four year old loved it, as he is a true bean lover.

The recipe called for leeks, but I simply omitted this ingredient.  I have no doubt the leeks would have provided extra flavor, but the soup was delicious without.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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