Wholly Guacamole & Garden of Eatin’ Review & Giveaway


I have professed my love of Wholly Guacamole products in previous posts.  My family has tried a wide variety of items and we love them all.   The company claims to be America’s #1 guacamole and without a doubt my family concurs.  In fact in my latest shipment I receive a container of salsa.  We had been eating generic salsa that I purchased at a discount.  My husband was grudgingly making his way through this salsa, but he lamented the fact that I had purchased it at all.   Why didn’t I just purchase the good stuff, from Wholly Guacamole?, he questioned.   In my defense, I had purchased quite a number of jars of my generic salsa before we became aware of the rock star quality of Wholly Guacamole salsa.

So when our new shipment of Wholly Guacamole products arrived with a bag of Garden of Eatin’ chips my husband was thrilled.  I was also excited as I too share the love of both of the salsa and guacamole.  I bet you can imagine what happened next.  Yep, he ate it all.  Well, he saved us a few meager broken chips and some of the guacamole, but all the salsa was gone.  Clearly he is testing the “for better or for worse” lines of our marriage vows:)  Okay, I am only kidding, but seriously save me some salsa!

Well the kids and I pounced on the rest of the products, dipping our little broken chips into the pico de gallo guacamole.

The guacamole has the perfect consistency.  You can actually see pieces of fresh avocado!

If you are a fan of guacamole I highly recommend trying some of the various flavors of guacamole fromWholly Guacamole and if salsa is your thing check out their salsa as well.

As I mentioned my package also included a bag of Blue Chips from the Garden of Eatin’ (I love the company name, what a fun play on words).  I had heard of this company before, though I don’t believe I had ever tried anything.  We enjoy snacking on chips in my family and I love that these blue chips are a healthier variety.  They are made with organic corn, are gluten free, contain no artificial flavors, color, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils and contain food items that have been raised without added hormones.

Upon first tasting the chips I was surprised to find they are a bit thicker than your average chip.  I wasn’t sure that I would like this at first, but ultimately I did.  These chips taste great and I love knowing that they are not made from toxic ingredients like many other are, especially when my kiddos are noshing.

Notice that this is not the actual size of most of the chips, this was the bottom of the bag.  They are mostly full sized regular chips.

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