“Won” Ton of Giving with CJ Bibigo & a Giveaway


In this season of giving thanks and honoring others, CJ Foods, Korea’s number one food company and producer of delicious, frozen foods, is giving back to the community with the launch of its CJ Bibigo“Won Ton of Giving” campaign.

Upon reaching the goal of mobilizing 3,000+ fans via Facebook, the company will donate one ton—or more than 91,000 CJ Bibigo Mini Wontons—to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank!  Is this an awesome campaign!?

CJ Bibigo Mini Wontons are made the Korean way with fresh ingredients in delicate, thin wrappers, these wontons are filled with savory mixtures of vegetables and meat, and contain no artificial flavors. The mini wontons are fully-cooked and can be pan-fried, added to soup or boiled, and are available in three varieties, including Chicken & Vegetable, Chicken & Cilantro in and Pork & Vegetable. As with all CJ Foods products, the new mini wontons contain no MSG, preservatives or trans fat.

CJ Bibigo also makes a wide range of Korean inspired ingredients and dishes.  Check out the full range of products available by connecting with CJ Bibigo online and via Facebook.

In celebration of this gift giving event, CJ Bibigo has generously donated a selection of Korean BBQ sauces to one lucky Mama Report reader.

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

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  1. Gina Ferrell says

    I give to the homeless and donate toys to children in need during the holidays.

  2. i donate cans to the food pantry and dog food to the humane society

  3. sharon gullikson says

    I give goodies to many, many friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

  4. I donate toys and clothes to goodwill

  5. I bake cookies and share them with our elderly neighbors.

  6. In many ways, donate items, bake, etc.

  7. I make quilts, bake, and help out where I can

  8. I bake cookies & give them to my neighbors

  9. We donate toys at the police station, and food to food drives at school.

  10. Megan Parsons says

    I bake cakes and cupcakes for others!

  11. I offer free child care so that single parents can shop!

  12. i donate to the church

  13. Barbara Stenby says

    we collect toy for a great foundation that gives back to our community and we donate food & blankets to animal shelters

  14. Natosha Zachary says

    We usually give to a couple of the local church food programs.

  15. We give to help Russian elderly jews in Siberia have a good Hanakuh as they are so poor. Also give to the Salvation Army at Christmas as they help families in need. I also give to an Indian School in the Dakotas which is run by the Catholic church.

  16. This year we are giving all that we can to help our grandson, Taledray. He is 10 years old and has been waiting for a heart transplant for 8 long months.
    His Mother and Father are having such a hard time trying to live in 2 different places with the 3 other kids.
    Please pray for a heart for him.
    Thank you, Taledrays Gramma

  17. Linda Lansford says

    I volunteer my time

  18. Jennifer Rote says

    We donate when we can and always bake dozens of cookies to give to people.

  19. donate can goods when I can – help other people or invite some here to eat that doesnt have anywhere else to go to

  20. Debra Pauley says

    i donate cans to the food pantry

  21. Michele Baron says

    We donate cans of food so others can have a happy holiday too…..

  22. donate clothes and other items to Goodwill, etc. Sometimes give items to church that are requested.


    I always contribute to the red bucket

  24. Several ways. My husband has an employee who mentioned they wouldn’t have a THanksgiving dinner this year due to finances so we purchased them a turkey and fixings because it’s sad to think of a family who can’t celebrate. Also, his work does a food and clothing drive so we donate all the children’s gently used clothing and shoes along with about half of our stockpile. We are fortunate to know how to save and put up food when we buy it for little or nothing so sharing it with those who need only makes sense!

  25. we love doing the shoebox at church & also packing meals for the poor

  26. I get a santa letter from the post office to take care of a child’s wish

  27. I always try to donate to as many drives as possible, and buy and tree angel.

  28. I donate to the local children’s hospital this time of year!

  29. we do the operation christmas child boxes.

  30. Francine Anchondo says

    I donate food to the foodbank

  31. school parties and holiday shopping babysitting

  32. I donate gently used items to Goodwill and also volunteer my time.

  33. i give to the local pantry

  34. Colleen Maurina says

    We always choose a couple children’s names from our local giving tree to buy Christmas gifts for. We want our children to learn to give as well as receive during the holidays.

  35. ELIZABETH C. says

    Theres a wonderful elderly lady who lives next door to me. Every Xmas, I get her a lot of food that I cook and I also help her decorate her home and help her put up her Christmas tree.

  36. Food banks/pantrys

  37. My kids and I do a random act of kindness in place of an advent calendar.

  38. Shannon Uptegraft says

    donate cans to the food pantry and I also choose a couple children’s names from our local giving tree to buy Christmas gifts for.

  39. I bake a lot for others during the holidays. Home-made is always best!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  40. We usually pick two or three families that are having problems making ends meet and give them groceries to fill their pantry plus gifts for under their tree.

  41. Stephanie Larison says

    We donate to the food pantry here in town from all the couponing I do.

  42. we always give to the Salvation Army

  43. Thanks for offering this!

  44. I donate toys that I find good deals on to needy kids.

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  45. I am always donating clothes, household stuff

  46. donate clothes

  47. We usually donate to a food pantry

  48. We donate to Scouting for Food, to our church’s food pantry, and we also buy gifts for families that need some extra help at Christmas time by participating in The Giving Tree at our church.

  49. We have a giving tree at our church so I like to give what I can to the children who may not receive anything Christmas morning. Thanks for the chance.

  50. Amanda Rauch says

    We try to donate a toy each year to one of the toy drives.

  51. Dorothy Deakyne says

    we focus on the children only

  52. I purchase gifts for children on the Salvation Army trees.

  53. I donate time when I can.

  54. I make awesome food for friends and family!

  55. Kim Burnett says

    adopt an angel tree kid

  56. Brooke Adametz says

    I let the kids pick out toys to donate to toys for tots!

  57. As I work in the hospital, I try to make the patients smile or laugh whenever I go to work. It’s not just for the holiday season but year-round 🙂

  58. Joyce Raymond says

    I will use my grandmothers recipe to make the most incredible Cranberry Nut Bread. It’s the best I have ever had. So I make a small muffin tin or pan for all of my friends and neighbors.

  59. Nicole Sender says

    donate hand knitted hats

  60. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says

    We donate to our local food bank. We make cookies for our neighbors and personalize cards to them. We would do anything for a friend, family member or neighbor =)

  61. Virginia Rowell says

    I bake goodies and hand them out.

  62. I’m part of a community group that does meals, toys and clothing drives for women and children in need in my area!

  63. We buy giving tree gifts for a family!

  64. We donate to the food pantries!

  65. we donate, volunteer and make/buy gifts.

  66. We make it a point to give to others during not only the Holiday season but throughout the year. Our family does a 30 days of Saying “Thanks” challenge in November and 25 Days of Christmas B.L.E.S.S. (Blessing Lives Everyday with Special Surprises) in December. Plus, we participate in Operation Christmas Child, Country Santa, Angel Trees, and more charities within our community. It is important that we demonstrate the gift of giving to our children. LOVE seeing them get excited about giving gifts and being a blessing to others (both people we know as well as complete strangers). We really do have so much to be thankful for so it is a blessing to share with those around us!

  67. We like to buy gifts for kids in need and donate them.

  68. kelly mcgrew says

    i went to my college bookstore and found a stack of clearance children’s books which i bought and donated to a book drive going on on campus.

    i also buy some snacks for the salvation army bell-ringers. (as well as donate a dollar here and there)

    i also clean out my pantry of food and clothes and donate them to veteran’s red bins and food drives going on in my area.

    its okay to accept gifts and have a wonderful christmas if you do the same to others!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Jessica Rose says

    Always donate food to the church, and donate toys to salvation army

  70. Betsy Barnes says

    We give back by donating toys, food and clothing to our local charities 🙂

  71. I am part of an amazing group of women called ‘sisters for peace’. We have a different project each month…which involves coming together and donating our money, time, or resources to different organizations focusing on helping women and children around the world . It has been so rewarding to be a part of this, not only through the Holiday season, but all year.

  72. We just helped out at the local foodbank preparing food for distribution

  73. We try and give throughout the year, whether it’s buying an extra box or can of food at the grocery store (we donate at the end of each month to the food pantry), donating books to the library, donating clothes to the boys & girls club, etc. At Christmas, we always do Toys for Tots and pick names off of the Angel Tree to by gifts for.

  74. We volunteer and give the gift of service, support local schools, donate to servicemen and women, and give gifts to a charity Angel Tree.

  75. we have a book and mitten drive im participating in

  76. Sarah Harding says

    I donate toys and food

  77. Keisa Rogers says

    I volunteer at the schools.

  78. I cook and bake for people. Something I can do and is always appreciated.

  79. I help out my co-workers.

  80. we donate some of our stockpiled non perishables.

  81. shelby brigham says

    i try to give as much as possible to homeless, kids,or people who need food

  82. My church collects presents for children in the area, and my family donates to them and toys for tots.

  83. Our organization gives chronically homeless clients a place to sleep, job training, a chance to earn a GED and a new shot at life.

  84. We bake cookies for the neighbors & purchase toys to give to toys for tots.

  85. Alison Wood says

    I try to donate what I can to the Children’s Hospital near me every year.

  86. I try to give of my time and make sure I have gifts for everyone, no matter how small.

  87. rochelle johnson says

    we sponser a family in need at church

  88. We donate toys to children in need

  89. kathy pease says

    we like to donate food to our local food shelf

  90. We just got back from bringing toys to the firefighters’ breakfast this morning 🙂

  91. Christina Moore says

    adopt an angel tree

  92. Shirley Hicks says

    i usually cook..invite all the family over…also sometimes when i can afford too……pick a child from the angel tree to buy for

  93. I try to give as much as I can to my family, especially since I know that they go without so many times.

  94. Try to donate toys and food, as much as I can financially.

  95. anonymously. There’s nothing better than the surprise of the unexpected blessings, except for, getting to see someone’s face when it happens to them ^.^

  96. We send packages to soldiers overseas!

  97. Lisa Garner says

    We adopt a child from our local Angel Tree.

  98. We donate food, clothes, toys, blankets, etc

  99. I contribute to various causes.

  100. Corey Olomon says

    Baked goods to friends, groceries and toys to the needy

  101. susan smoaks says

    we always donate to the needy children at church by buying them Christmas presents

  102. we make donations of food, toys, and money as much as possible

  103. I donate unused items and make food for lots of people

  104. mary gardner says

    donate to a local toy drive

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  105. rochelle johnson says

    our sunday school class always helps a family in need

  106. Billy Hartley says

    I donate time, effort and sometimes money to underprivileged people who need car repairs, up to 15 hours a month. (Car mechanic.)

  107. we do several charities but I really love toys for tots~

  108. shanta spradlin says

    I donate as much food as I can

  109. Sarah Hall says

    I help the local VFW give gifts to men and women in nursing homes. I give food to my church’s food pantry for the poor.

  110. Christian Alejandro N. says

    volunteering is an easy way to help out.

  111. I donate various items to local charities.

  112. jules mcnubbin says

    i make treats and give out, and donate toys and clothes

  113. Helping people in public if they need it, I also try my best to make sure my family is well loved.

  114. Charlene Kuser says

    We supply a family with Christmas toys for the holidays

  115. shirley zolenski says

    We help other people with yard and housework

  116. Cassandra McCann says

    I start with a clean out of our closets and then the gently used toys and I give them to people in town because I fell if I donate to Goodwill then people still have to buy them and it is not fair when you could just gift it the way it should be done. Goodwill is a great place I just like to cut the middle man

  117. rebecca day says

    my sister in law and i bake for the whole family and all our friends ect i give to toys for tots and help at the food bank

  118. I always take little things to work….I donate toys for Toys for Tots…and whatever else comes my way that I can do…

  119. we make crafts for the nursing home residents!

  120. I volunteer several places
    Thanks for the contest.

  121. I like to give to those who tend to be forgotten: the trash collector, the mail man, the post office clerk, etc.

  122. I try to do a kind deed for the elderly

  123. Buddy Garrett says

    I give to our church’s ministry for the needy during the holidays and we pick a star off the tree at the mall to make some child’s dream come true.

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