Wüsthof’s New “defining the Edge”


I have professed in a previous post my love for Wüsthof knives.   Our Nana has a love that actually borders on obsession.  The woman takes her knives very seriously.  But to be fair, Wüsthof is truly the best kitchen tool a cook can own.  Nothing is more versatile.  Most dishes require some form of cutting or chopping.  And the difference between knives is immense.  A quality knife makes short work of any task.

Recently Wüsthof unveiled their new initiative “defining the Edge“.  This new campaign is centered on celebrating a new wave of talent in the culinary sphere — men and women who are breaking rules and boundaries with their passion and dedication to their craft.

Creatively designed, the site features videos of our “edgy” chefs and butcher (a.k.a., the Rebel, the Poet and the Believer), along with their recipes, tips, and technique videos. Additional recipes and technique videos will be added to the site over time.

Meet the 3 inspiring individuals —

Chef Richie Nakano of San Francisco (The Rebel)

 Butcher Camas Davis of Portland (The Poet)

Chef Jonathon Sawyer of Cleveland (The Believer) 

Also make sure to connect with Wüsthof via Facebook and Twitter for special promotions, announcements, and general information.

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