Best Uses for Candles


This post was created in collaboration with David Oreck Candle Co., all opinions are my own. 

People have been using candles for over a millennia. Obviously we no longer need candles merely to light our world, instead they have evolved to serve difference purposes.  As a longtime candle connoisseur, I’ve honed in on my best uses for candles in this modern age. 

Before I dive into my preferred scenarios for using a candle let me briefly call attention to the reality that not all candles are created equal. The candle market is booming these days. Selecting a candle that is a good fit for you can be overwhelming given the plethora of choices available. These days I’m using a David Oreck candle in Cinnamon. David Oreck candles are made from vegetable and soy wax formula that enables them to burn longer and cleaner. And the wide wick candle allows for an even, soot-free burn.

So where do I use candles in my home? And what purpose do they serve? Here are my three main scenarios for candle usage. 
Candle light makes me feel good. It’s that simple. This world is full of swirling responsibilities and there is a barrage of information being blasted at everyone seemingly at a constant rate. Sometimes it’s helpful to just stop. To just be. My favorite place to unwind is with a little bath time and a few candles. It’s a stereotypical vision of a mom de-stressing, but it’s just true! 
Lingering Cooking Smells

With three young fellas in the house it can seem like I’m always cooking something. While a dish can taste great, it’s not necessarily what you want to keep smelling for hours after the fact. This is where my Oreck candle is particularly useful. The candle eliminates kitchen smells and replace them with fresh scents.  In my case the fresh scent is cinnamon and the smell has a coziness to it that I like in my home. 

Love Your Stinky Canine

This is Dougie, our cute and lovable Labradoodle. Dougie also has atrocious bad breath and farts like a champ. He can quite literally empty an entire room when he is particularly flagrant.  Having a candle to help handle some of his stinkiness is mostly a necessity. We love our dog, we just don’t want to smell him all the time. If your pet isn’t particularly flatulent they probably still have a distinct odor. Burning a candle nearby is a great way to keep your home smelling pleasant, you never know when company might knock on your door! 

Checkout the full selection of candles available from David Oreck Candle Co. How do you use candles? Is there a particular situation that inspires you to light a candle? 

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