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Now that tax time is looming, it’s difficult to find all those loopholes and rebates that we’re all due as hard-working moms. Thankfully, HomeSelfe, makers of a free, energy saving app, is offering us insight on some often overlooked rebates as well as other ways we can cut down on our rising utility costs while adding to our home’s property value.

Why does it seem so difficult to find fortuitous ways to save money on our yearly tax returns? Aside from programs we can sign up for to help curb our monthly bills, like using less energy during peak demand times, Uncle Sam doesn’t offer us much help, especially when they seem to hide these options inside an enormous amount of confusing text, meeting all their restrictions and multiple requirements, blah, blah, blah.

An Infographic Making Simple Sense

Adding or replacing Energy Star ® appliances offer many rewards in energy savings, especially in the kitchen since newer gadgets make our home more appealing. There are also some available tax credits, but what are they exactly and how can we take advantage of them in the real world? HomeSelfe put together this infographic on exactly what we can expect to see and save in the form of adding or replacing:

● Solar panels or water heaters

● Insulation in your attic, wall spaces, garage or other living areas

● Windows, doors or skylights

● Roofing remodels or replacements

Check out the answers to some of your questions on “Do You Qualify For A Home Energy Tax Credit?” See what you may be due depending upon your participation in home improvements that could add value to your home and helping the environment when it comes to making changes around your home. Make sure you keep track of the money and time you have spent (or will spend) on helping to save Mother Earth and keeping your house comfy, safe and warm.

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