How to Help Kids to Conquer Their Biggest Fears


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Everyone has fears. Adults and children – everyone. As a parent one of your roles is to help children learn how to manage their fears. Having the skills to be able to navigate life through the things you’re scared of is important. But let’s be real. Many adults struggle with conquering and managing their fears. It should be no surprise that kids do as well. 

One of my biggest fears is heights. There should be a somewhat natural level of fear of being up high, but for sure my fear has an irrational twist. I’m scared in situations when I’m on solid footing with clear safety features around. My fear has me envisioning catastrophe beyond the reality of my safe protected situation. 

In the latest book from Mo Willems {available now} the author brings back the beloved characters Sam and Leonardo {from Leonardo, the Terrible Monster} to tackle the subject of facing your fears.  Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World is scared of…well, everything (except Leonardo, of course). 

In the book Sam meets the second most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world, Kerry and her monster, Frankenthaler. Naturally they are both scared of each other, but as you can probably suspect by the end of this tale they end up being good friends.

What I love about both of these books is that in typical Mo Willems fashion he takes serious topics, but ads his fun and silly unique twist. Favorite line in the books- scare the tuna salad out of him! How can you not laugh when you read that?!  

One of my youngest son’s biggest fears are bees and wasps. He was stung by a bee about two years ago and since that time he has developed an irrational fear. Just like my fear of heights there is a natural level of respect that should be involved with bees. They are dangerous. However, he tends to scream and run away as though they are after him. 

Unfortunately there is no magical cure that can take an irrational fear and diminish it. Instead I continue to have conversations with him about how the bees are just doing their bee things. I reinforce the fact that they are not really interested in him or out to get him. They are in search of nectar and the key is just not to get in their way. Rational conversations when we are far away from bees help provide him with the basis of knowledge he needs to think through his fear. 

Like Sam and Kerry in the book, when we face our fears there are good things that await. I know this to be true with my fear of heights. I’ve tried to temper the fear to be able to see all the beautiful sights that are available. I don’t want my fear to prohibit me from experiencing life! 

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  1. These looks like great reads! We love Mo Willems books for kids!

  2. Stephanie Phelps says

    Oh my gosh I need this for my oldest he has some serious fears and I think this would help us both!

  3. These would be great books for my grandsons to read! They really enjoy the Mo Willems books!

  4. Deanna Marissa says

    My kids also fears from bees. I need to purchase this books for them.

  5. Well that thing is so ugly it’s kinda cute. I like books that come with stuffed animals and a great lesson, don’t be afraid!

  6. Cindy Peterson says

    We are always on the hunt for books to add to our youth library.

  7. Very inspiring read.

  8. These would be great books for my grandsons. They have fears of different things and this sure would be a fun read. They have a couple Mo Willems books so I’m sure they would love this one too. I believe I now know a Christmas gift for them as I always buy them at least one book to add to their library of books.

  9. Darcy L Koch says

    My grandson and I do a lot of reading. I never heard of this brand before though. Kids can relate to stories in books.

  10. My granddaughter loves when I read to her and these would be great

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