My Favorite Tik Tok Accounts


Favorite Tik Tok Accounts

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. Perhaps it was the pandemic. Perhaps it was the impending threat of a ban. Perhaps its societal desire to watch videos for mere seconds. Perhaps it is the aspirational hope of going “viral”. Whatever the case may be {and it’s likely all of those things plus much more} people are watching TikTok.

I’ve become something of a student of Tik Tok in the last year due to the nature of my corporate job. And while I’ve seen my fair share of completely worthless videos, I’ve actually become quite found of a few too. In oder to help bridge the gap between resistant Tik Tok users and the rest of the Tik Tok crazed society I’ve pulled together my list of my favorite Tik Tok accounts. If you are new to this world I’ve explained {below} why I find each of these accounts fascinating or if you are TikTok pro, you’ve probably already seen some of these accounts. 

One of my most recent discoveries and my definitive favorite is – Manic Pixie Mom. Caitlin, a New England mother, cleans historical graves at her local cemeteries and also does genealogical work to uncover part of the deceased life story. A little bit history, a little bit genealogy and a little bit of the macabre- I’ve watched all of her videos. For the record, this is the only account I’ve ever wanted to peer back into the complete video history. Stories of youth cut short and families decimated by disease. Consumption is by far the most common killer of those featured in her videos. Essentially this is Grave Cleaner Genealogy, it’s simply brilliant. 

Watch below for a view of one of her videos! 

@manicpixiemomOlive ❀️ ##gravetok ##gravestonecleaning♬ original sound – Manic Pixie Mom

Next up, I’m taking a turn from the serious and presenting a medical comedian. Only Tik Tok can fuse together so many unique and niche topics. Steve is a former ER Tech turned full-time comedian and Tik Tok talent. With 9.8 million followers I’m in good company with my affinity for his knowledgeable, yet funny videos. Be forewarned he uses lots of strong language, but his sense of timing is so good, it just adds great emphasis in all the most hilarious ways. My personal favorite and one of his most popular video is featured below, where is explains why you should get the Covid vaccine. 

@steveioe😌 #MuFKR♬ original sound – Steveioe

It’s very apparent why the next account is one of my favorites. Best of Target, brings all the goodness of Target right to my Tik Tok account. It’s dangerous territory. I watched a video of Kallie & Jenna showing off a pair of pants in the dressing room of their local Target. I quickly became obsessed with trying to hunt down a pair in my size, only to discover they were sold out everywhere! Such is the nature of viral content these days. Sigh. But if you are a Target aficionado like me, this account is for you! 

@bestoftargetReply to @lisannewilcox DID YOU KNOW THIS?! 🀯 @starbucks @target ##starbucks ##starbuckshack ##hack ##learnhow ##starbucksdrinks ##target ##todayyearsold♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Chandler Isaac or as she’s better known, Boujee on a Budget, finds relatively inexpensive ways to add style to your life. Whether it be Instagram, a blog, YouTube, or TikTok sometimes the best accounts are those that help inspire us. Chandler has a knack for finding the best there is within a budget. Her simple lifestyle hacks will leave you thinking, why didn’t I think of that!? 

@chandlerisaacLevel up your ##homedecor for $12 in 5 minutes πŸ™ŒπŸΌ ##apartmentdecor ##amazonfinds ##learnontiktok ##diyprojects♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口倕依

The next account on my list was one of my early favorites. Greg lives in New Orleans and shares the day-to-day updates from his neighborhood. Greg is your new gay BFF. He creates his own names and unique storylines on the lives of his neighbors. BrendaKris! His friendly, polite and charming personality can’t help, but leave his viewers in a good mood. Greg helps remind me that life isn’t bet to be taken so seriously. 

@gregismsBK got it her way!!!! ##fyp ##neighbors ##findyourjoy ##applebees ##tuesday♬ Classical Music – Classical Music

Last, but certainly not least on my list is Grey and Mama. This adorable toddler coined the phrase, “thank you, mama” in a way that will melt any mama’s heart. He loves food. He loves his mama. And he is polite and as as cute as they come. Need a smile? Need an uplighting moment in your day? Watch smiling Grey and his mama. 


@greyandmamaFoodie life πŸ˜‹ ##food ##food ##rice ##eating ##thankyoumama ##yum ##toddler ##recipe ##fyp ##foryou ##eat♬ original sound – greyandmama

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