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My two oldest boys have always been advanced readers. When tested at school, their lexicon scores always surpass their grade level. The understanding of words just comes to them naturally. It’s almost effortless. 

Then, there is my youngest. Reading has not come naturally to him. He has had to work hard to hit averages. Thankfully, he is a hard worker and is staying with the pack. My sense of mom guilt likes to take blame for his reading challenges. For sure, I didn’t read to him as a baby and toddler like I did with his brothers. Was it this lack of intense early integration or is this just who he is? I’ll never know. 

In my current effort to help keep my youngest on track with his reading goals, I always endeavor to have a healthy supply of interesting books at his disposal. Recently we received three selections from the new Ready-to-Read series from Simon & Schuster. These books mostly use popular characters and stars to help drive excitement for reading. Our selections included the behind-the-scenes story of Charlie Brown, a book on Lin-Manuel Miranda, and a special stargazing edition. 

My son immediately dove into Looking Up! The Science of Stargazing as he has a huge passion for anything space related. Living in Minnesota, the home of Charles M. Schulz, he was also fond of The
Great American Story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang!, and was delighted when he read some facts that he already knew. I think reading a nonfiction book and discovering you already are somewhat knowledgeable about a topic is a great way to bolster confidence. Of course, he learned new insights, but this mix of known facts with new ones was reaffirming for him. 

The You Should Meet: Lin-Manuel Miranda book is a great way for Broadway fans of Hamilton to learn so much more about this amazing theater guru. 

As my son read Looking Up! The Science of Stargazing, it sparked a conversation about the constellations. My middle son jumped in, I swear he is a professor-in-training, and explained the concept. I love books that help drive conversations and questions. My youngest is a deep thinker, and this book sparked several great questions in the days following his completion of the book. 

While my son is on the Level Three of the Ready-to-Read series, there are four other levels so that you can match the appropriate reading level to your child. This “Star” level is a great way for kids and parents to clearly progress and hopefully bolster their confidence. 

All Ready-to-Read titles have been vetted by educational experts to adhere to the latest reading guidelines, and each level is designed to help children confidently grasp new reading concepts. Every title utilizes sight words, shorter lengths, word families, rhyming, and contains a guide at the beginning of each book to prepare children for the story ahead. Fun reading comprehension questions at the end of each story help children to re-engage with the text and better understand it.

Visit Ready-to-Read online to determine which Star level is the best fit for your little reader. I think Secrets of American History is next on our list! 



  1. So many exciting books. We particularly like Henry and Mudge.

  2. Reading is such a great thing for kids!

  3. I know at least three kids that would benefit greatly from a collection like this. My daughter loves to read and I think they would be great for her as well!

  4. Fun books, looks like something my daughter would enjoy. I love that shelving system in the background!

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