Selecting a Baby Name


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Trying to determine the name for your baby can be overwhelming. I might have envied a few friends that knew what their child’s names were going to be back when we were in college. And just like clockwork when their children were born their long-known name was bestowed. 

For the rest of us, we’ve search high and low for inspiration. Back when my first son was born there were a few websites dedicated to baby names, but the internet at that time wasn’t quite the machine it is now. {Yes, I’m that old.} I carefully read through an enormous baby name book trying to hone in on the perfect one. 

These days it’s much easier to find inspiration online and as people tend to do they look to pop culture for inspiration. For instance with the resurgence of Star Wars new parents have named their little ones after some of these classic characters. As you can see from the graph Anakin took a nice spike around the time of the new movie releases. 

Or perhaps you are a Disney fan or a Game of Thrones dedicated viewer? Unique names from these franchises have had an uptick over time. Of course there are generalized increases in name popularity as applied to a wider base. Think of popular actresses and athletes.  For instance I used to love the TV show The X Files. At the height of the shows popularity coincided with the spike of the name of Gillian after the shows lead actress Gillian Anderson. 

Musicians, actors, and even politicians impact the names the people select. I must confess my first born son’s name is also the name of a famous actor. Coincidence? Either knowingly or subconsciously these inherently popular names impact our decisions. 

What about you? Were you influenced by pop culture in the naming of your children? How did you help to hone in on the perfect name for your new baby? 




  1. Diane Sallans says

    Oldest boy was the easiest – fifth Andrew in a row – tho the first two didn’t have middle names (they were Sr. & Jr.) next three all have different middle names (picked to honor a male relative).

  2. My boys were born before the internet…yes, I’m THAT old! My grandson has an unusual name. His Mom had a dream when she was a young girl that she would have a boy and name him XXXXXX, so there was no question what his first name would be. It took them several days after he was born to come up with a great middle name that went well with the first name, though!

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