Tips to Help Kids Learn How to Tie Their Shoes


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It’s officially winter time here in Minnesota. The ground is white, the air is freezing and we live most of our days inside now. Clearly I staged the photo above and below with our collection of Mo Willems books, but gathering all titles of from one of your favorite authors is a great way to spend a lazy winter afternoon. 

One of the latest releases from the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series is It’s Shoe Time! by Bryan Collier {available in stores now}. This new book is hilarious, keeping in line with the traditional silliness of everything related to Elephant & Piggie and Mo Willems. However, at the heart of the book is the message that it’s okay to be your own unique self. The little girl in the book ventures outside with two different shoes on and in their attempt to save her from potential disgrace her shoes try to warn her of what they think is her mistake. Ultimately her shoes discover that she truly meant to wear two different pairs as part of her personal statement and a shared moment with her father. It’s such a good read! 

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Inspired by the shoes in the book, I decided to pull together some tips to guide parents in teaching their kids to tie their own shoes. Confession: my eight-year-old hasn’t mastered this skill. In fact it took his older brothers a long time to learn this task as well. I’m not sure if there is a correlation between young boys and fine motor skills, but I’ve found that to be true with my fellas.  

Tip #1- wait until they are ready. Trying to teach young children how to tie their shoes when they are not interested is a practice in futility. As is true for anything in life, if someone isn’t ready or willing to accept a task at hand, forcing them to learn or change will only bring drama and difficulty. 

Tip #2- Don’t attempt to instruction them when you are in a hurry. Showcase the step-by-step process of tying shoes when you are not actually trying to get out the door. If there is pressure or a time element involved it’s just sure to stress everyone out. 

Tip #3- Practice, practice, practice. The old saying goes, practice makes perfect. It’s also true that practice is essential to learning any new task. My littlest guy was disheartened to realize that he didn’t have his technique down after careful instruction, but I encouraged him letting him know it was only with continual practice that he would really ace this skill. 

It’s probably that I’m on my third child, but I’m confident that my youngest will learn how to tie his shoes. I’ve provided him with the basics, but I firmly believe the ball is in his court to make it come together.  That being said, hahahaha. What tips do you have to help parents teach their kids how to tie their shoes? 

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