10 Best Things at Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington


While our stay was complimentary, all opinions are my own. 

The new Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington is just a hop, skip and a jump from my house. What this close proximity means is an ideal and easy way to have a fun staycation. I knew the water park was going to be a hit with my crew. It’s a no brainer. What I didn’t understand was all the other amazing, fun things that this specific Great Wolf Lodge has to offer. I felt like a kid myself experiencing this magical place specifically designed to maximize joy. 

Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington, Minnesota is a destination. It’s not just a hotel. It’s not just a water park. It’s an encompassing destination of ultimate fun for kids…..and for adults who never experienced anything like this when they were kids. 

For first time visitors this experience could be overwhelming if you don’t come prepared. There is so much to see and do, it’s best to have a plan. With that mindset I’ve listed the best things at Great Wolf Lodge with corresponding information so that you can visit with a plan. Little kids will be delighted and run from one activity to the next, but with a little preparation parents can have a game plan. 

1. Wolf Pass 

The Wolf Pass is your key to ensuring your child has the time of their lives at Great Wolf Lodge. It provides all the magic and all the activities in a prepaid for pass. Kids simply wear the pass around their neck and then visit all the attractions. Attendants at each location will scratch off that particular activity. So what is all included? 

Package Includes

  • One MagiQuest or ShadowQuest game
  • One Compass Quest game
  • Classic or color wand, standard topper or Magi belt
  • One animal at Creation Station (outfit not included)
  • One 12 oz. candy cup
  • One pair of Great Wolf Lodge goggles
  • One Glitz Glitter Tattoo
  • One game at Howl at the Moon Glow Golf
  • One Leather Treaty wristband
  • One movie at Howly Wood XD Theater
  • One game at Oliver’s Time Challenge
  • One $5.00 Paw Points game card
  • One game of bowling at Ten Paw Alley

As you can see from the picture above there are other passes, but I recommend the Wolf Pass as it has everything!! I’ll dive into some of the particular activities from the pass as they are what makes this place so awesome. See more details in some of the sections below! 

2. Themed Suites

It’s hard to capture a picture of an entire hotel room. But if you have more than one kid, I highly recommend getting a themed suite. There are several options available. Checkout some of the different ones here

We stayed in the Kids Cabin Suite and it was so stinking adorable. The kids have their own log cabin bunk bed room!! The loved it! And luckily there is a entirely separate area for adults. So the kids have their space {and TV} and the parents can have their own too! 

3. Water Park

Even if Great Wolf Lodge didn’t have all the other fun activities the water park alone would be worth it! Full of various slides, a lazy river, a tide pool, kid’s play area and much more – kids can spend all day exploring. 

My fellas favorite part was by turning the lazy river into a brother race. I tried to keep up for a while and then they just wore me out!! 

We climbed to the upper level to checkout some of the best slides and happen to see the magnificent sunset!! Nothing like a water park summer sunset with out the sunburn. 

4. Gemstone Mining Experience

As part of the Wolf Pass we visited the Gemstone Mining area. Claim your bag of sand and mine through the particles to find your treasure!! My younger two sons had never tried anything like this, they thought it was great fun! 

5. Northern Lights Arcade

An arcade is always an easy win for my crew. Claim your free tokens from the Wolf Pass and play a few games. Or purchase an individual card on your own to have even more credit at the ready for games. 

Much to his delight my youngest son won himself a souvenir ball!! 

6. Creation Station 

For kids who love to have a soft cuddly friend, Creation Station is the place to visit. Kids an select their favorite character and watch them be created right before their eyes. 

We had never experienced this sort of creation your own pal place before. I feel like it’s a must-do for any kid age 6 or younger. 

And when kids are snuggling up at night in their log cabin hangout, they can cuddle with their new soft friend! 

7. Candy Cups

It’s quite obvious whoever pulled together all the offerings at Great Wolf Lodge knew what kids want. I mean an entire wall of candy options?! This is the stuff of dreams! 

As part of the Wolf Pass kids get to fill a cup with their choice of sweet treats from this cozy little store. The options are overwhelming, but delicious! 

8. Howlers Peak Rope Course

For those that like a bit more adventure in their fun, there is the Howlers Peak Rope Course. Right above the Mining experience is a ropes course. My eldest son and I donned safety gear to take a chance on these balancing structures. My oldest handled it all like a pro. Walking with easy from one structure to the next without a doubt of self-confidence. 
I was another story. As soon as I was properly hooked up to the safety gear and officially “green light go” to explore, it occurred to me that I was very high up. My immediate thought was, “this is ridiculous”!! You’ll notice how I’m clinging with one arm to the safety post in the picture below. I timidly moved around the structure potentially holding on for dear life in some places. So much for my goal of cool confidence!! 

 9. Food 

Another great aspect of this complex is that one need not leave the premises. There is entertainment, food and lodging all in one great place. Of course, the Mall of America is just over the interstate, so if one does want to venture forth to explore more of Minnesota it’s literally outside Great Wolf doors, but if you are a family looking for a self-contained placed to have a staycation or vacation, this location has everything you need! 

We had pizza from Hungry as a Wolf for supper one evening and the next morning we had a breakfast buffet from the main restaurant. If those two options are not your preference there is also a Dunkin’ Donuts {with coffee & donuts for breakfast} and lots of other possibilities as well. Checkout the full line up here

{breakfast buffet includes Eggs Benedict!}

10. Special Activities & Guest Appearances 

As if all of the things I’ve outlined above are not enough fun on their own, Great Wolf Lodge also coordinates additional levels of entertainment. PJ parties, story time, special shows and guest appearances can be part of the agenda. Checkout the calendar of events to determine what is taking place on a certain day. While we were there Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins was there for a meet and greet!! He was so polite and friendly! 
Of course that is not all there is available. I narrowed our list down to our top 10 favorite aspects of our visit, but there is even more! Families have different interests and some of the activities lists below could be your favorites! We didn’t get a chance to try everything, as there were so things we enjoyed so much we just didn’t want to stop to try something new! 
  • Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall {we didn’t try}
  • MagiQuest {get your magic wand {Wolf Pass} to help discover the treasures!} 

  • Ten Paw Alley {we didn’t have a chance to play!} 
  • Glitz Glitter Tattoo

My three sons were not interested in glitter tattoos, but I was!! Hahaha, how come they didn’t have places like this when I was a kid? 

  • Leather Treaty Engraved Wristband  

Have you visited a Great Wolf Lodge before? Where? Have you been to this particular Bloomington location? If so, what was your favorite part? Leave a comment below with your advice and/or insight! 


  1. Buddy Garrett says

    I haven’t visited Great Wolf Lodge but it sounds like a great destination for a family vacation.

  2. Holly Thomas says

    This place is genius for kids!

  3. This looks like a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll go there for our next family vacation.

  4. Jennifer Marie says

    Oh my this would be heaven for my sons. They would love all the water attractions and the hotel!

  5. Christina Gould says

    I must go there! It looks wonderful! Thanks for posting!

  6. Betty Curran says

    That looks like an awesome place for a vacation.

  7. Jerry Marquardt says

    This looks like a truly fun time. Thanks for sharing the good time with us.

  8. courtney hennagir says

    We have a Great Wolf Lodge just a few hours away and I want to take the kids.I know they would love it! The rooms are so cool and there seems to be so much to do.

This looks like such an amazing destination experience! Indeed, I never experienced anything like it as a kid. So much useful information here, thank you!! I’m thinking Great Wolf Lodge locations would be a wonderful idea for us to check out for future family trips. I actually think there is one in my state!!

  10. I’ve been to the one in Wisconsin and it is a great way for families to do long weekend vacations

  11. I’ve been to the one in Wisconsin. Bloomington is also lucky to have one.

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