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See the perfect summer comedy, THE WAY, WAY BACK, in select theaters July 5th!

This looks like a great movie to see with my eldest son.  I think a mommy & son date is in our future.  He may not let me kiss him in public anymore, but he will let me buy him popcorn:)

Official Synopsis

THE WAY, WAY BACK is the funny and poignant coming of age story of 14-year-old Duncan’s (Liam James) summer vacation with his mother, Pam (Toni Collette), her overbearing boyfriend, Trent (Steve Carell), and his daughter, Steph (Zoe Levin).  Having a rough time fitting in, the introverted Duncan finds an unexpected friend in gregarious Owen (Sam Rockwell), manager of the Water Wizz water park. Through his funny, clandestine friendship with Owen, Duncan slowly opens up to and begins to finally find his place in the world – all during a summer he will never forget.


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Starring Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney, AnnaSophia Robb, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, Rob Corddry, Amanda Peet, and Liam James!

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  1. Christie M says

    I’ll never forget the time my brother thought the door to our hotel balcony was open and went running to go out, only to bounce off the glass. Classic.

  2. Debra Pauley says

    cant think of a funny one

  3. Walking along the boardwalk in Atlantic City New Jersey and carrying / eating my favorite boardwalk fries when all of a sudden I was attacked by seagulls literally trying to steal my fries from my hand!

  4. Florida, Universal Studios was fun!

  5. susan smoaks says

    last year we were driving to north carolina from florida when we had a major blow out with the tire. we had to call AAA and unload a lot of stuff to get to the spare tire. it was quite funny to look back on but at the time it was horrific.

  6. My father and I went to Mexico. We were walking along the main street and passed a pharmacy. A pharmacy employee approached us on the street trying to get us to go inside. He turned to me and said: “You should buy your dad some Viagra for Father’s Day!”

    How embarrassing!

  7. Was in a room with my sis and brother in law and he was so intoxicated that he couldn’t figure out the light switch! Because my sis and I were not nearly on the same level a him, it was hysterical!! We still joke about it whenever one of us goes on vacation or has to stay in a hotel!

  8. Krista R says

    My mom is a notoriously slow shopper. We were clothes shopping and my dad got tired of waiting for us, so he went back to the hotel without telling us, leaving us there with no car. Not funny at the time, but really I don’t blame him!

  9. Marti Parks says

    We don’t go on vacations, but once when we evacuated for a hurricane we got lost in a strange city. That’s not really funny, but it’s all I have.

  10. We had a beachfront room on the 2nd level in Myrtle Beach one summer. After us older boys went out for a night on the town, we came back and an over aggressive security guard wouldn’t let us go up to the room. (we weren’t the registered guests) so we walked along the beach until we found a ladder at a hotel doing maintenance, we brought it back to the hotel and proceeded to enter the room via the beach balcony. We all laid down on the floor and I got up to go to the bathroom. when i turned on the lights, i didn’t recognize the contents on the sink. I came back out, turned on the entry light and it was not the families room!!! It was a couple in a bed together… i grabbed everyone and we slept on the beach that night!!

  11. Lisa Brown says

    My family would always go to the lake during the summer months. One thing you could count on was the red ants being out in full force. You had to wear shoes or else suffer the consequences. Well, my sister, although she had on flip flops, could not avoid the bite – one red ant bit her toe and she screamed like a banshee. I know, this is not all that funny, but it is when you are a child
    and you did not get along, or particularly like, ones sister 🙂

  12. We went on vacation, brought the pack n play, and that night, realized our daughter could climb out!

  13. Margaret Smith says

    Almost every summer, we spend a week at the Jersey shore, at the same hotel. We usually get the first floor and the same room, that faces the pool. Since we’re steps from the pool, we seldom lock our door when using the pool, so our kids and us can come and go. Through the years, we rent the same week and have gotten to know a number of the other families that are renting too, so we really watch out for each other. Anyway, a couple of years ago, after having a nice couple of hours sitting by the pool, I went to go back into our room. When I walked into the bedroom, I found a man sleeping in our bed. Turned out that since our doors and rooms all looked alike, our next door neighbor, who was one of the families that we know well, accidently mistaked our room for his. We had such a good laugh and still tease him each year.

  14. Hillary S. says

    When I was little, our family had an RV. We shared it with 2 other families. Something ALWAYS went wrong with it when we were using it… The time i remember is when the gas tank fell and we dragged it down the road for about 1/4 mile before someone passed us and told us to stop! No one was hurt, but we did end up taking some extra time in that town!

  15. Mary Happymommy says

    When we went to Disney World, my son was too scared to have his picture taken with Sully from Monsters Inc. His reaction was pretty funny.

  16. My funny vacation story was when I tried to turn on the A/C one night at the hotel we stayed in and it immediately smelled like burning rubber and the fire alarm went off for a little bit.

  17. Austin Baroudi says

    The only vacation we ever had was when we went to Florida to see my brother. On the way down we got lost in a ghetto looking area in Jersey and my mom freaking lost it. It was so hilarious! She was flipping out and all we could do was laugh!

  18. We took our 4 year old son to Disneyland and watched the outdoor performance there. Our son was so excited, he was dancing, singing and got more attention than the singers on the stage

  19. I remember lots of fun vacations as a child, but nothing funny!

  20. I remember when we got soaked while at Sea World… gotta love the FL showers. Anyways, since we were so wet, but still walking around the park, my husband’s thighs were rubbing and starting to bother him. We all thought it was so funny because he looked like he was walking with a corn cob up his bottom because he was trying not to let his legs rub.

  21. Claire McKeon says

    Going on vacation with friends and I heard a sound. I said “Is that a helicopter” but it was a flat tire. Forgot the key to the trunk so my friend had to climb through the backseat and into the trunk to get the spare.

  22. The time that I was swimming with my family on vacation and they pretended there was a turtle in the water and I screamed and swam away, still get made fun of for that.

  23. Kimberly Schotz says

    The teenagers went tubing and ended up in the next town.

  24. beth clark says

    Relaxing and having fun with family

  25. Jessie C. says

    DD was about 3 on our long fly trip to Japan years ago, an hour after boarding she told every single stewardess they were beautiful and were all like princesses, this was the best day in her life to meet them.

  26. One that was not funny at the time was torrential rain and multiple bee stings while camping. But it all turned out fun in the end and now we have fond memories of it.

  27. We enjoyed our trip to the Space Museum

  28. D SCHMIDT says

    My funniest memory is when my parents had planned this fantastic beach vacation that turned into a nightmare. On the first day we realized that the hotel was actually less than desirable so my parents at short notice managed to find a caravan to stay in. It then rained for the whole 9 days we were there and I managed to come down with Chicken Pox! That said it was fun just being a family.

  29. We went to Lake Cumberland and somehow my Dad was in charge of lunch. He made macaroni and cheese in the microwave by mixing all of the ingredients together and then microwaving it. Lunch was a disaster, but the trip was really fun.

  30. I remember one time when I was about 14 15 years old, we went hiking and my dad was always…well wacky. He went off the trail a little bit and within 5 minutes he came back running full speed because he had just got sprayed by a skunk. It was pretty funny until we all had to get into the car to go back home.

  31. We were in Chengdu, China visiting my dad and I had my 22 yr old son who has Down syndrome and autism with us and we went to the local shopping center which had a large grocery store on the first level. Apparently they are trying to get the citizens hooked on Coke just like we are in America so they had these silly Coke drinking contests with people shopping that day (all kids) and they would pick them from the audience (yes, people actually sit down to watch this). Everyone gets free Cokes while the show is going on. Anyway, we tell my son to raise his hand to volunteer. Keep in mind everyone is speaking in Chinese so we have no idea what will happen. He raises his had and they picked him to come up. I tried to explain it was a contest to see who could drink it the fastest and normally he inhales his drinks but he went up and just sort of stood there and sipped his Coke while the other kids raced. There was a lot of laughing from the audience and we just hoped it was all good natured. It was a really funny moment.

  32. Christina Burrell says

    My children doing the hokey pokey in their pajamas for everyone at the beach.

  33. Michelle S. says

    The funniest thing I remember is being in Key West FL and running into my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins in a shop down there. Neither one of us knew the other family was going there.

  34. Cynthia R says

    12 hour road trips were always a mixture of fun and arguments but I look back and consider them to be a lot of fun, glad to experience them.

  35. camping and going to the dump to see the black bears is my best memory.

  36. One of the first things that came to mind was going to a cabin rental not too far from home and playing hide-and-seek with my sweetie – I squeezed into the cupboard located under the kitchen sink and stayed there for about 40 minutes. He couldn’t find me at all, so much so that he started to think that I was abducted or something – he started looking outside and panicking. I don’t think it was funny for him, but for me, it was hilarious – he had no clue that I could fit in such a small size. When I finally emerged, I got the bonus of scaring the crap out of him.

  37. We went to Disney World several years ago and our hotel (outside Disney) was next to a Waffle House. We got to know the waiter because we had breakfast there each morning. Toward the end of the week, we wanted to try someplace else for breakfast, and when we walked past the Waffle House, the waiter came out and yelled “Hey guys, where are you going?” We all started laughing, feeling like we got caught, and turned around and went back for breakfast.

  38. Karen Glatt says

    One time when we went on Vacation to San Diego,It was not funny then, but we all got sick, and had to buy ice and put it in our hotel room sink and buy juice and we all sat around in the bathroom drinking juice taking cold medicine and watching TV. We ended up staying in the bathroom most of that trip!!

  39. My best friend and I took the train to Florida and every time we went to the club car we would get lost, we are the only 2 people in the world would would get lost on a train!

  40. Holly Kennedy says

    When I was 5, my sister 15, we stopped at a park to stretch on the way to Florida. My sister had me on her shoulders and took off running to the car when it was time to go. She tripped and instead of letting me go, she held on tight only to plow my face in the ground. Cute pics for rest of trip.

  41. One day at the beach my daughter was holding a cracker in her hand and a gull swooped down and grabbed it. The look on her face was so funny. She didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry.

  42. steve weber says

    we drove from WI to MO to pick up this giant slot car track from this rinky dink state fair… it was hilarious.

  43. I had a habit of running into a classmate all over the country while on vacation.

  44. I actually dont have any, but cant wait to start some with my young family. I have a 4 and 1 year old.

  45. I took a nap in the car and woke up to find out my friend had been driving the wrong direction.

  46. Sandy VanHoey says

    Many years ago, we were heading to Florida from Michigan with the kids and stopped at a place in TN. It was a very weird place, something that seemed like out of a movie. The people gave us terrible looks and we felt uncomfortable. We stayed and my husband laid next to the window to keep an eye on our van. The next morning, I had gotten up and left to go get coffee and some donuts for the kids. He heard the van and tore out of the room chasing ME thinking someone took off with our vehicle and he was in his underwear and all. The kids got all scared thinking someone stole our van so at the time, not too funny to them.

  47. One time the fire alarm went off in the hotel we were staying at – and my sister was in the shower and she had to rush out. It ended up being a false alarm. It wasn’t funny at the time but it’s a good story to look back on

  48. sharon gullikson says

    Hmmmm, well, we had just gotten to my cousin’s house across the country. I was meeting my cousin’s wife for the first time, and hadn’t seen him since I was 12 years old. I took a step forward, and my sandal made a RUDE noise. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. I’m sure they thought it was what they thought it was…

  49. betty wojnar says

    when we got lost in canada and we took pictures of my dad studying a map

  50. sitting on the beach for hours at OBX north carolina. nothing better than that!

  51. My daughter doesn’t like sleeping anywhere but her crib but we went to disney in march. They didn’t have any cribs at the hotel so she slept in a pack and play…she fell asleep sitting up and i found her a little while later bent over her indian style legs. cute and so sad

  52. mrsshukra says

    One summer we sneaked our 9 year old child in a Vegas casino!

  53. My brother dropped his pants and peed in the middle of a zoo!

  54. sandra davis says

    going to florida with my parents and my dad using some self tanner and it turned him orange

  55. My husband and I took our first (and last) camping trip through the southwest. A storm followed us for a week – we would head west, the storm went west. We would cut south to get away from it and the storm would suddenly head south. Then north, then east… we zig zagged across 4 states and that storm followed us. We called ourselves the “Rainmakers” and figured we should head to wherever they were having a drought LOL

  56. The funniest was the camping trip we took and forgot the tent. Of course it was not funny at the time.

  57. rebecca shockley says

    Driving to Kentucky from Minnesota, my dad stopped at a gas station. He got out and said smell that fresh air. My little brother thought he was serious and got out and took a huge whiff. My brother puked everywhere from the smell of cows and manure

  58. Emily Adams says

    We went to Wisconsin Dells and we visited the Circus Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin and my daughter loved the clown at one of the shows it was so cute!

  59. Carrie Phelps says

    Based on my income while raising my children our vacations consisted of a lot of camping! On one particular trip I had brought a bag of cookies for my children and I. As I was setting everything up myself my lazy teen children were sitting around the campfire eating the entire bag of cookies. I yelled over to them to save me ONE cookie and they left just ONE cookie in the bag for me. A little later as we sat around the campfire I asked my teen daughter to pass me my cookie, she removed it from the bag and proceeded to lick my cookie!! I was so mad and yet it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. This was 15 years ago and we still tell the licking the cookie story when we all get together.

  60. Jenny Stanek says

    I think that would be watching my aunt run like a maniac into the ocean to chase a shell eye wanted, then watching her slip and take a movie-style belly flop 🙂

  61. Watching my hubby try to do karaoke on a cruise ship with one of our British tablemates and my hubby can’t sing

  62. My sister and I got terrible sunburn on our first day of a trip to Palm Beach — but only on our feet since we forgot to re-apply sunblock on the beach. So we spent the week walking slowly and gingerly – and getting odd looks – until we got to the point that we started playing the roles of characters to distract ourselves from the pain and get a good laugh out of our situation!

  63. Joyce Raymond says

    On a vacation down the east coast, one of our stops was the Smithsonian. While we were eating lunch my 13 yr. old daughter asked if she could use the restroom, so I asked her to wait a minute for me. Well, she argued rather loudly that she was old enough to go by herself. Finally I relinquished and let her go, against my better judgement. Well, she got lost before she even found the bathroom. We ended up having to have all of the security people trying to find this kid! Boy did I feel stupid, appropriately! We laugh about it now.

  64. Mary Calabrese says

    We were stuck in a traffic jam (accident ahead) on our way back from Chicago and my younger son was mocking the popcorn vendor from the baseball game the night before. We all cracked up.

  65. I don’t have a lot of vacation stories that I remember. The only one that comes to mind is when we were headed down south and my gram was with us. We stopped at a gas station. There was a building next door. My gram needed the restroom so she headed for the building. We had to stop her. She was heading for an Adult store.

  66. Joyce Raymond says

    It’s nice to see a papergoods company is doing something positive with it’s advertising instead of stupid cartoons of bears.

  67. Crystal F says

    My hubby putting crabs in his pockets and them pinching him. My girls still talk about this even thoug it was 6 years ago. Thank you!

  68. When I was a child we traveled through Europe on a roadtrip with my grandmother. One night it rained, and she ended up sleeping in a puddle of water.

  69. I really can’t recall just one but there’s tons of sleep-deprived, stir-crazy hysterical jokes that weren’t all that funny.

  70. Kathy L. says

    We were cooking hot dogs on a stick over an open fire and my step dad dropped his hot dog into the fire. He put another one on and tried it again. This one fell off the stick in to the fire too. He was getting so frustrated, but he tried it again. Yes it fell into the fire also. He gave up and said, “I guess I’ll have chicken.” We were all laughing so hard!

  71. Nichol Tone says

    When me and my cousin were driving to Florida for vacation we switched spots so I could take a nap and we ended up 4 hours in the wrong direction heading towards tenessee

  72. Brittany says

    I got locked into a bathroom at the house we were staying at late at night, I was knocking on the wall trying to get my boyfriend to rescue me but he thought I was just being cute and kept knocking back. Finally he came and opened the door for me, my hero.

  73. Cynthia C says

    When I was small and went to NYC, I panicked when we approached the George Washington bridge because I thought we had to drive on the upper suspension cables.

  74. We went to the Big island for a vacation and on the way I seen flowers to pick to make flower lei’s, so I gave my hubby a black trash bag he went into the forest to pick flowers and our at the same time our 6yr old needed to go to the bathroom, but we are in the forest! lol So I telll him do it in a black trash bag and we’ll toss it out at the dump. As he is finishing up my hubby comes out with his black trash bag filled half way with flowers…..Our boy goes WOW he made alot of dodo. lol

  75. This is only funny because of how absurd it is. My brother, mom and I went to visit some family friends once while on a trip. The first night we were there I accidentally knocked out one of my brother’s baby teeth with a bat (I was swinging it around and he walked up behind me). We searched and searched for the tooth for a long time so that he could give it to the tooth fairy. After a long time my brother finally found it and ran into the house to tell my mom. Unfortunately he forgot to check to see if the sliding glass door was open and smacked right into the glass, resulting in a bloody nose. My brother’s trouble continued into the weekend by getting a tick on his neck while sleeping in a tent in the back yard. As sad as all of those situations are I still laugh about it because of how many things kept happening to my brother one after the other.

  76. Barbara Montag says

    We drove 40 miles out of the way because my dad refused to asked for directions.
    It wasn’t so funny at the time but now we all joke about it.
    Thank you.

  77. Leslie Galloway says

    We took the kids to Galveston a couple of summers ago, and it was their first time at the beach. They both loved it and we got some great photos!

  78. Funny to them but not to me. We were going on vacation and stopped at a gas station . I had to go to the bathroom and I couldnt get back out for some reason it locked and no one could hear me banging on the door my parents pulled out and realized oops wheres ann at .

  79. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Once We Went On A Camping , Arrived At The Campgrounds Around 1 In The Morning, Went To Set The Tent Up And Realized We Left It At Home!

  80. Stephanie Larison says

    I remember when I was younger we were at a water park and my moms swimming suit tore at the top, it was a v-neck type that came down far and tore in the wrong place. Lol, remember her running to the car trying to hold it together the hold time.

  81. Charlene S says

    My dad bought an unsightly looking motor home. We called it the ugly-bego. So we will start our stories with remember the time we went on vacation in the ugly-bego. They were fun adventures.

  82. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Lets see the time we had to relocate to California to Virginia and decided it would be a nice trip to enjoy the scenery we should of planned better i was 8 months pregnant and we had a 1 year old and a 5 year old most of the trip i spent in pain and my kids complained cried and yelled the whole way it was a nightmare lol

  83. Christy Anderson says

    Funny now, but not a the time….we locked the keys in our car when we stopped at the hotel at 2am…took over an hour to get in the car and get the keys.

  84. Being in Hawaii and getting up to get another item from the buffet and came back and the birds had taken my plate

  85. We drove from Chicago to Florida one winter and my 4 year old sister played Santa Claus Is Coown OVER and OVER again on her little cassette player. PAINFUL 24 hour drive!

  86. Serena Powell says

    I’ve never been on a vacation

  87. Kathleen Downes says

    We took a lot of trips to the beach when I was growing up and one time I was bending over to pick up a shell and a big wave crashed right on top of me. It scared me at the time but it was still pretty funny.

  88. Jessica O'Riley says

    We were in Georgia once and my mom was backing up our mini van… she ended up rearing right into a mailbox. Needless to say, there was a big dent left in the ol van…

  89. Russell Moore says

    My 3 brothers and sisters, my parents, and I spent 3 days in a pop-up camper at a state park in Arkansas. It rained. For 3 days. The kids were between 4 and 11 years old. We laugh………now.

  90. I can’t think of a funny moment.

  91. My dad walked right into a glass wall at Universal Studios a few years ago. It was so funny.

  92. We don’t go on many vacations, but we all went camping and the kids thought they would be funny and go down by the water, well it was muddy and let’s say they ended up with mud everywhere.

  93. sharon shafran says

    on the last night of the cruise my granddaughter packed all her clothes and the luggage was taken away In the morning she had to get off the ship in pj’s and barefooted what a hoot

  94. Tiffany Ann McGehee says

    On our way to disneyland my sister and i had to go to the bathroom so bad she ran in to a restaurant barefoot.

  95. We were camping in our small trailer in Grand Teton campground in August 1959. Woke up and the trailer was shaking – Dad said it could be a bear scratching his back. When we went up to Yellowstone the next morning everyone was talking about the big earthquake.
    Thanks for the contest.

  96. soha molina says

    going to the beach with family and getting pooped on by sea gulls.

  97. My funny vacation memory began with my kids acting up before we even got to the airport. Anyone who is a parent knows what I mean.

  98. Theresa Jenkins says

    there is always something happening while camping …we had 6 campsites at the beach and all but a hand full when ocean fishing…the only one out of 6 families who didn’t get seasick was a 1 year old eating crackers and they only brought back 5 fish for a whole day of fishing

  99. I remember going to Mackinac Island where there are only horses and bikes, because cars are not allowed. It is gorgeous and peaceful!

  100. When I was a little kid I once spilled soda on all of the souvenir t-shirts we bought and they totally shrank so they didn’t fit anyone!!

  101. When I was little I got carsick on a bench seat and my brother was asleep and didn’t see the vomit making its way towards him…

  102. Safewrite says

    Our son was 8 and wanted a refill on his drink at Six Flags. We were right next to a vendor, but he got lost walking back to the one we bought the refillable cup at – halfway across the park! Al’ls well that ended well, but whew!

  103. Ross Hassel says

    I got to ride the turtles in South Dakota.

  104. we left all our souvenirs on the train

  105. Tabathia B says

    My dad getting lost in DC on the way to our aunt’s home and we were only two blocks away the entire time

  106. My overalls-wearing grandpa wore slacks to WDW at my grandma’s insistence. After coming out of the Haunted House attraction, his pants fell down to his knees. He always wore suspenders after that.

  107. Margot C says

    Probably the best one was camping with my Mom in Massachusetts when she just drove off into the forest with her purse on top of the car (yes it fell off) and didn’t even notice for 3 days. Miraculously, the forest rangers had it when we left!

  108. Birdie Skolfield says

    we were on the train to Vegas as a little girl & the two engines some how disconnected & left us in the Desert too a while to get some engins to come & push us to Vegas

  109. Tracy Robertson says

    I took a cruise with my boyfriend years ago and we had the best time! We are both night owls, and like most of the rest of the world everything on the cruise ship shut down for the night after 3 am, but we would still be up and walking around and the buffet areas were left onlocked. So I took some really silly pics of my boyfriend doing things in the buffet area like pretending to eat ice cream straight from the ice cream dispenser.

  110. camping alot with the family always produced memorable funny times

  111. Christine H. says

    Went on a little vaca to North Carolina with my best friend, dad, and sister when I was 14. Long story short, my friend an I had been bickering the last couple days there, ha teenagers, and we stopped speaking until the car ride home, where we exchanged notes and made up through them lol. It might not seem funny, but looking back on it I always get a good laugh at how silly it was.

  112. Jennifer B says

    when my cousin lost his bottoms on the waterslide

  113. I was on vacation with my best friend & her family and while her parents rested back at the room we ventured out to a fossil museum, but it ended up being some rinky dink place and it was filthy and the guy there was so weird…We were only teenagers, so we totally thought something was up with this guy, especially the way he was talking to us, so we hauled out of there as fast as we could. We laughed about it, but we were still really creeped out.

  114. Cindy Merrill says

    While vacatiioning /camping Baxter State park, A young baby moose decided I was her mom. Good thing the campsite was being visted by a park ranger- my “baby” was carefully checked over, then taken back to where I first saw her, but no sign of her mother. I insisted on naming the moose Cindy. My namesake went to a Wildlife rescue station, as far as I know, she’s fine.

  115. Denise S says

    We were watching a Native American dance and one of the performer’s pants fell down.

  116. We went camping when I was little and a raccoon made my dad jump about a foot by knocking over a trash can

  117. Mary Withrow says

    We were fishing on a dock one night, there was one way on and one way off. We were looking at the water, laughing and going on when we noticed we were completely surrounded by raccoons and no way out but the water! Our chicken livers that we were using as bait had attracted them. We were screaming and yelling for help and the park guards came by and stood outside their truck and laughed at us. It was funny afterwards……..lol

  118. My brother in law got caught upside down on a fence while trying to catch a baseball at the beach.

  119. Brenda Shreve says

    Working out with my son and fell off the treadmill. He never went with me again.

  120. Wanda McHenry says

    When at Broadway at the Beach (Myrtle Beach) a few years ago, we picked up pamphlets and it said free tickets to Legends if we took a tour of a vacation rental. Oh my gosh, the guy wouldn’t let us leave and got angrier and angrier because all we kept telling him was that we took the tour and we want our free tickets. We were there for hours, we did get the tickets and then ended up giving them to a nice couple on the boardwalk.

  121. Kids caught baby frogs, was going to put in a pond at home, on way home lid came off of the canister they were in. Frogs, little ones all in the car, and I mean everywhere. Smallest child coming unglued, cause she was scared of them. I really don”t know how we got home, without losing out minds.

  122. Derek Timm says

    When I was younger my dad got bit by a ostrich going through a drive thru petting zoo!

  123. Went camping once, had to potty, squatted down and heard a rattlesnake. It wasn’t funny then but I guess it kind of is now. Thankfully I didn’t get bit though.

  124. I am not good at remembering funny stories, but we have had a lot of laughs on our family vacations!!

  125. robyn paris says

    I enjoyed our vacations as a child and found the funny one was when we went to the beach and my daughter was being so silly. it was one of those things you had to be there

  126. I think I am probably the only one who has a father who has the privilege of getting lost on a tour of the Queen’s Summer palace in England. Not funny at the time, but kind of funny now.

  127. Thomas Murphy says

    we went to Disney world and my family got picked to go up on stage and play parts in a show, it was pretty funny.

  128. Rebecca Meyer says

    We went on the National Lampoon Vacation. We had 6 people including Grandma and the dog and a camper trailer and drove across the country. Dog almost ran straight into the Grand Canyon. Had a busted hitch that we had to stop at a mine to have them solder together. Grandma took my 15 year old sister into the casinos in Las Vegas so they could play the slots. Lots of fun.

  129. Amanda Sakovitz says

    When I was little we had a family reunion. My uncle didnt want to wait in the car line at the popular beach so my cousin and I ended up at this awful beach filled with seaweed. I spent the whole day crying. It was funny looking back on it!

  130. Kathleen says

    a family member lost her bikini top on a roller coaster

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  131. Kyl Neusch says

    flipped fishing boat over

  132. My parents were looking forward to going to Hawaii, but my dad never left the room much because he hurt his back getting the luggage out of the airport and almost hit a guy with it on accident.

  133. June Lisle says

    I had a few laughs at a petting zoo with my husband when a camel started chewing on my head.

  134. …getting a flat tire on I95

  135. john hutchens says

    vacationing for the first time with my significant other in Hawaii at a very nice resort. She asked me to get us a drink. I walked into the glass in front of the bar. She laughed so hard and has never let me forget it.

  136. Jennifer says

    We went on a Disney Cruise when I was 9 years old…there was a claw machine in the arcade that was totally easy to win. I went home with 9 stuffed animals and felt like a rock star.

  137. Just a few years ago I was with my sister and mom by the water in Duluth and a seagull pooped on top of my sisters head.

  138. Selene M. says

    My pillow went out the window while traveling in our RV. We pulled over and I walked back to where it was to retrieve it, then received lots of honks from passing motorists as I returned to the family. Didn’t want to lose my favorite pillow!!

  139. Jennifer Reed says

    Growing up, we once took a road trip with my family to see the Mississippi River and stop at every flea market and mom and pop cafe we could find. It actually was a pretty fun trip considering.

  140. When I was young we went to our cabin in Wisconsin’s Northwoods pretty much every weekend. The occasion that stands out most in my mind is when my brother’s deliberately tipped their canoe over. To those of us on shore it was very funny watching them try to get it afloat, but I guess they did not think is was very funny because they never did it again!

  141. A bear by the bathroom in Yosemite. Boo!

  142. Janna Johnson says

    I mooned a mountain in TN once.

  143. Katharina says

    Although it wasn’t very funny at the time 🙂 I’d have to say that thinking the “little bit of sand” on a side road in coastal Florida would be easy to drive through… it wasn’t, and there we sat for a looooong time.

  144. Angela W says

    We went roller blading in Atlantic city and my blade got stuck in the boardwalk it took 3 people to get it out 😛

  145. Shauntea Crutcher says

    The family went to Sea World and we all enjoyed ourselves.

  146. bryan clark says

    running out of gas twice on the same trip …found out the gage was broke

  147. Colleen Hickey says

    I once went to a sea world near Canada and saw the Killer Whales in their tanks and they splashed me.

  148. Suzanne Lewis says

    My brother and I used to make up songs about our dad and sing them to him on our road trips growing up.

  149. Jennifer T. says

    We were booked in a two room bungalow in Key West. The A/C went out in one so we all had to pile into one bed. We stayed up late and giggled all night.

  150. BRITTANY says


  151. Brittney House says

    It wasn’t funny at the time but when I was about 5, my family was leaving from a hotel we were staying at. My mother thought left in my aunts car, and my aunt thought I was leaving in my mom’s cars so they left me.

  152. s riches says

    On a camping trip my sister burnt her tent down.

  153. sheila ressel says

    we went rafting in NC and the back end of the raft where my Dad was sitting got caught on a rock. When it loosened it popped my dad right out of the raft! we picked him up a little ways down the river. It was pretty funny.

  154. Linda G. says

    we got lost , ended up on a logging road going up a mountain!

  155. I dont remember specifics but I do know that we laugh non stop on our trips

  156. My favorite vacation memory was my honeymoon!

  157. rachel h says

    i don’t have one- ive never been on a family vacation 🙁

  158. Bonnigene says

    my daughters took their guinea pig camping one year…she used a Barbie tent, ate marshmallows off a tooth pick and participated in all our activities….the pictures are funny.

  159. Jennifer says

    we actually went on vacation to the caribbean last year and now, we are selling everything to move there!

  160. We laugh now but not at the time. We were sailing and 5 hours out my husband got very sick he sat balled up in a corner on the boat. He is no longer invited.

  161. Okay, I guess this isn’t very funny, but my family and I never took vacations. We were too po’! 😉

  162. Michelle W says

    My family went to Wildwood NJ and walked the entire length of the boardwalk after an already long day and we were so tired we couldn’t make it back to the hotel without riding the tram car back, now we think about the walk back before we start heading down the boardwalk

  163. Erica C. says

    We once had a family member fall in the water at a mini golf course.

  164. when my niece would ask to have sunscreen put on her “scallop”

  165. Ed Nemmers says

    My cousin organized a family reunion in Kauai as a Christmas gift one year!

  166. I love traveling with my preschooler, you just never know what he is going to say next.

  167. Brenda Elsner says

    I had spent a few days at my cousins house. We were for the first time allowed to walk to the park by ourselves. On the way home, a siren had sounded and I had freaked out. I look back now and just laugh about it.

  168. Best vacation “funny” was when my son thought he had found our spot at the waterpark. He sat down, made himself comfy, ate a sandwich and snacks from the cooler then went back to play. Later, when he spotted us he said “Hey, why did you move?” When we told him we hadn’t moved, he told us how what had happened. We looked and looked for the family to apologize and offer compensation – but we never found them. I have no idea what they thought happened to their food!

  169. natalia ryjova says

    One time me and my dad were working on a business trip and our clients asked if they could pay us in male enhancement drugs instead of money!

  170. Tracy Allen says

    My mother-in-law once fell off a snowmobile and was stuck on her back t=in the snow making snow angels while we laughed!

  171. Deborah Wallin says

    We were on vacation in Kentucky, and had gone to visit the horse park. We got there, and realized that our son hadn’t brought any shoes along. He had left them in the hotel.

  172. Susan Smith says

    We drove through an animal park and a garaffe stuck his hear into our car and started eating my daughter popcorn.

  173. KELLY MCGREW says

    playing road games!

  174. Mary Cloud says

    My uncle laying on the beach with binoculars looking at women
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  175. I can’t think of a funny one, but will always remember the time we hit a deer on the way back from the football & RNR hall of fames & still had to drive 3 more hours w/ our fender & lights hanging

  176. krystal wethington says

    I ripped my shorts once while at the beach.It was so funny.

  177. tin cruz says

    When my dad forgot his clothes and had to borrow some of ours (women) haha

  178. My son watches a lot of old cartoons, so when he saw the Fox and Cat from Pinocchio all by themselves at Disney World, he ran up to them and sang their song “An Actor’s Life For Me”. They got a huge kick out of that–and their handler remembered us and put us up front to meet other characters later that day!

  179. Forgot to pack toiletries so off to the store where we went.

  180. Rachel Carroll says

    Last year we took our 5 year old son to the Ripley aquarium in Gatling tn and he was sitting on the edge of the rocks at the part where you can pet the string rays… and he leaned in too much and fell right in the water. instead of trying to get out right away he tried to just go swimming in there. everyone was laughing but we were really embarrassed. =)

  181. elishia bakle says

    camping with the family in the raining season! my parents sitting in the only dry tent! they will never go camping with us again

  182. Melanie Montgomery says

    Every vacation is a family memory when you have 3 kids.

  183. When I was a teenager we went to Disney World. My dad had to replace the batteries in his camera and threw away the new batteries. I have a picture of his head in the trash can searching for the new batteries he had just thrown out.

  184. thischickwins says

    my dad looked over the side of our boat at some fish that were coming right up to us, and his dentures fell in the water

  185. Barbara Stenby says

    we took our son to woodstock when he was 7 and he loved seeing all the leftover hippies!

  186. My kids thought going on vacation meant moving, we did it at least twice a year when they were growing up.

  187. When I was 5 or 6 I traveled with my parents from Texas to Oklahoma. They kept telling me when we passed “the Tea Cup” we’d be in Oklahoma. I was so disappointed to find that it was a restaurant on the border and not a giant tea cup.

  188. mary gardner says

    several of my colleagues and I took a business trip together. it took us 7 hours to make a 4 hour trip because we couldn’t convince the driver we had taken a wrong highway. she finally realized we were right when we were entering a city about 75 miles from our destination. it wasn’t funny then, but we laugh about it now.

  189. Teresa Thompson says

    We got invaded by raccoons while we were camping.

  190. It’s only funny now. But when we were vacationing at our summer house in Maine….our parents would take precautions to keep us from an old unused well on the property. Somehow while showing off my older sister ended up in the well only to be quickly pulled up by a bucket. I still can’t believe it.
    Thanks for the chance.

  191. melissaandkeith miller says

    when my son clogged a hotel toilet ! At the time it was embarrassing but now looking back it was funny we even got a upgrade in rooms 🙂

  192. Sacha Schroeder says

    I ended up in Manhattan when I was supposed to be in NJ. It wasn’t even a little bit funny then but we laugh now!

  193. Buddy Garrett says

    We walked upon a couple being romantic on the beach in Florida. My wife said Look ther’e’s a man and woman doing it. When the persom turned around it was a guy with long hair and another guy.

  194. Maria Iemma says

    We drove cross country several years back and got lost so many times it got to be the joke of the day…Where are we headed? It seemed hilarious at the time.

  195. watching my dad hold on to his seat when we were on the top row of a baseball stadium, he’s afraid of heights but as a kid I found it amusing

  196. Susan Christy says

    This might not seem funny, but our family (including dad) laughs hysterically at this…one of those – you had to be there moments. We drove to the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado, we looked around, tried to push each other over the railings (just kidding), then when it was time to leave – dad couldn’t do it. His fear of heights had overtaken him, and was too scared to drive down the mountain. We did it eventually, with a LONG line of cars behind us because he was going so slow.

  197. christine jessamine says

    mine was when we took a surprise vacation and surprised my in laws

  198. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says

    There was the time my mom strapped on the water skis. She was wearing a 2 piece swimsuit. Somehow, she lost her bottoms. That was the last time she skied and the last time she wore a 2 piece.

  199. Julie Hawkins says

    Our friends got engaged on a group vacation with us

  200. this would be so beneficial

  201. Michelle Tucker says

    We went to the beach one summer, and when we were in the water, a crab pinched my sis on the hind end. So funny!

  202. As a teen, we went on a summer vacation the same day I had my wisdom teeth extracted..I’m not sure how I got there, but I wandered out of the hotel room and was found sleeping in the supply closet, covered with travel soaps!

  203. Nicole Sender says

    Leaving the pier for a trip down the sound for a day adventure. The trip was cut short b/c my friend forgot to put the plug in the bottom of the boat! What a mess!

  204. Denise Donaldson says

    My 11 year old daughter and I recently went on vacation to Silver Dollar city. We rode a ride called The American Plunge. It has this steep plunge into the water. What made it so funny, is she didnt scream. I am the one that screamed like someone was being murdered! lol. I didnt know I could scream like that!

  205. Jeanette H. says

    Our first Disney trip, my son was 5, daughter was 2. Hubby slept in a bed with son, daughter was in my bed. Hubby wakes me up in the middle of the night, son was missing, he was asking if our son was in my bed. He wasn’t. We both get up, running around the room, making sure the doors were locked, checking under the bed. Finally found him asleep under the back cushions of the futon, he must have sleep-walked and crawled in…lol.

  206. My family has actually never gone on vacation. I’ve been with school trips and friends, but my parents traveled before they had me lol

  207. Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705) says

    Mine wasn’t funny at the time…my husband and I were in Cancun and got on a boat to go snorkeling. The entire way out to the site I was feeling queasy (which had never happened before). The minute we stopped to get into the water, I tossed my cookies. I tried to hang back while everyone else scurried off for some ocean fun, but one of the deck hands saw me and announced that I had fed the fishies. It makes me laugh now, but not at the time.

  208. We went to North Carolina to see snow. My daughter and I had a friendly snowball fight. That was fun.

  209. Went to disney world with the fam!

  210. The shocking site of the free roaming cattle that came and ate all the gorgeous wildflowers that were there on the mountainside just minutes earlier as I was admiring them flowers. The Columbines and Indian Paintbrushes..! The cows came, they saw, they ate, they left.

  211. Vicki D. says

    We were on a vacation in Florida. The hotel we stayed at had valet parking. Some of the young attendants were racing and tearing up the streets with some of the guests brand new cars. It’s really not a funny story if you were the owners of one of those cars.

  212. Heather S says

    We were camping and my sister had a tick on her and we were running around trying to get away from it. Our parents were yelling at us to stop but we were so grossed we couldn’t. They got it off her and then they laughed at us…it was embarassing.

  213. I don’t really remember any really funny vacations as a family, I mostly remember the 1st time we took our daughter to the beach, zoo, etc…

  214. Going to the beach as a kid with my cousin and playing frisbe on the beach and diving head first into the sand trying to catch the frisbee..


  215. I have way too many vacay memories to just share one… Laughing is what vacation is all about, enjoying the time with whomever I’m with and just relaxing! 🙂

  216. I once went to the beach with my moms friend and she fell asleep and snored so loud. It was hilarious.

  217. On one family trip my sister and I were little and all night we heard the couple next door having sex and my parents were mortified.

  218. amberlyn johnson says

    when I was younger around 12 or so we were at a hotel with other families for a hockey tournament and a group of us girls decided to play with the wigi board. to many consequences happened such as doors closing on cue and parents scaring us. I think the hotel staff really hated us by 3am.

  219. Bryan E. says

    On summer cross-country road trips with our parents my father would always drive, our mom in the passenger seat. Invariably, mom would fall asleep and start snoring, causing us kids & dad to laugh riotously…the really funny thing is that this only happened on summer vacations, and mom never snored at home.

  220. Laurie Emerson says

    We went on a family fishing trip as a summer vacation. None of us had ever really fished before and it was one mishap after another. My mom lost her pole when she casted for the first time. My dad had to swim out to get it and was soaking wet. On the second cast she caught my dad’s fishing hat while he was wearing it. Then while my dad tried to get the hook out of his hat he accidentally knocked the worms out of the boat. Needless to say it was our first and last fishing trip!

  221. Christian Alejandro says

    The first time we went to the beach my sister made a bunch of plans including surfing, swimming, and sailing. Unfortunately, the water scared her, and she never touched the ocean!

  222. Jenny Ham says

    We all went on vacation when I was a kid and we left the hotel and were about 20 miles away and grandma remembered she left her teeth at the hotel we had to drive back and pick them up we could not have grandma continue the trip without any teeth.. It was really funny as a kid and the story lasted a lifetime.

  223. Donna Kellogg says

    We have not been able to take to many vacations but I remember on the way to Six Flags Magic Mountain we would be discussing the park and some of us called it Six Flags and Others would call it Magic Mountain which must of been confusing my niece because finally she said Ok You are really confusing me are we going to six flags or our we going to Magic mountain it was hilarious


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