5 Things I Love About Summer


I don’t like summer.  Believe it or not.  I realize I’m in the minority with this opinion, but its just how I feel.  The sun, overrated.  The heat, excruciating.  I tend to wither in the heat.  I blame it on my Viking heritage.  My internal furnace keeps me nice and toasty in the winter, but it also keeps me too warm in the summer.  All that being said, there are a few things I treasure about summer.  Little snippets that I would not want to miss.  I love to be snuggly indoors in the winter, but I would miss the following-

1. Peonies-   I grew up bathed in the beauty of peonies that had been planted by my great grandmother.  Their scent was heavenly and I felt a certain sense of satisfaction knowing that they belonged to this woman who was tied to my past.  I no longer have those peonies, but luckily in my new home I have my own set to enjoy their brief beauty.

2. Strawberries- Not the kind of strawberries you purchase at the grocery store.  The kind that are so big they have lost all all flavor.  I prefer the locally farm grown variety that have an amazing taste.  I have only had the opportunity to purchase one basket this summer.  I’m not ashamed to admit I ate most of them singlehandedly.  I managed to share a few with my kids, but only a few!

photo courtesy of http://www.butterfunk.com

3. Thunderstorms- Lightning, thunder, and pouring rain provide excitement and comfort to me.  To be safe indoors with a rainy day is one of my favorite places to be.

4. No Snow Gear-  While I love winter, dressing three kids in snow gear is a pain.  Sure my oldest can do it all almost by himself, but any time one leaves the house a lot of work is required.  It is so easy to go anywhere in the summer.  Sandals, and no coats make traveling in the car a breeze.

photo courtesy of http://www.lennox.com

5.  Central Air- I could not survive summer without it.  It is my lifesaver.  When I become too warm my brain doesn’t even work properly and I just want to lay down and never move.  Central air allows me to function.  Thank goodness I didn’t live a hundred years ago!


This was NOT a sponsored post.  I just want to state that I used a Lennox picture because we happen to have a Lennox unit, which we paid for by ourselves:)


  1. Love your post. It is weird for me to think of it being Summer cause here in Australia we are in the middle of winter with it being very cold and our kids are on holidays for 2 weeks. Strawberry season here is now as well, from around May to September. My hubby and I actually use to pack strawberries. There were some that weren’t so nice but different kinds can be really big and juicy, such as camarosa. The ones we use to pack were always sent inter state and the ones available in the local shops were the ones that don’t have much flavour. It is so much better to get them straight from the farm.

    • The Mama says

      Wow Australia! I can only imagine how good the strawberries are there! And I totally agree that strawberries from the farm are the best!

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  3. Those strawberries look delicious and your peonies are beautiful! I’m more of a fall/winter girl. Storms terrify me.

  4. I am not a summer fan just b/c of the threat of forest fires- but I am always glad we don’t have snow- guess I’m conflicted 🙂

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