5 Tips to Help Make Selling Your Home & Moving Easier


This post is sponsored by Opendoor, all opinions are my own. 

Selling a home is a rite of passage most people experience at some point. The process can be stressful, frustrating and exhausting. Even the mere thought of preparing your home and packing all your belongings for a move can be overwhelming for some. Of course the key to any large task is to breakdown the process into concrete steps that can be achieved one-by-one. But where to do you begin?

I’ve previously sold two homes and I’m currently in the process of selling my third. Through these experiences I’ve picked up a few helpful tips that have made my process easier. Every situation is different and some of my tips might not apply to your unique scenario. 


The first thing that anyone should do is research. Depending upon your personality type I realize this could be a blessing or a curse. Before you talk to a realtor. Before you put that for sale sign on your lawn. Do your own research. Are houses selling quickly in your neighborhood? How many other houses are for sale? How much did you pay for your home and how much do you still owe? Are you looking to make a profit or are you looking to sell as quickly as possible. The why of your selling situation will propel some questions to a higher significance than others. But do your own research. Do some of your own math to better understand the current environment and your specific situation. 


For my Minneapolis area readers (and about a dozen other markets) there is another option available to you that you might not even realize. Skip the realtor and the nail biting process of showings and sell your home to Opendoor.  The principle idea behind this company is to simplify the buying and selling process.

Here is how it works- 

  • Request a free, no obligation an offer on your home
  • Opendoor prepares an offer based on market data & the unique information you provide
  • Review your offer & associated fees
  • Accept the offer & sign the contract 
  • Schedule your free home assessment. If repairs are needed, Opendoor can do the work post-close. They’ll simply deduct the costs from your proceeds
  • Get paid faster and move on to your next home stress-free! 

Forget about a shifting real estate market. Forget about staging and stress. Forget about
potential buyers falling through due to financing. If you are looking to sell your home quickly or are looking to make the process as simple as possible, Opendoor is your go-to plan. 

Storage Unit

If you are not going to utilize the ease and connivence of Opendoor and opt for the more traditional route of putting your house for sale with an agent, I recommend renting a storage unit to declutter your home. Plus the great news is that you’ll already have part of the home in boxes and ready for moving. 

Storage Pods

Another option similar to a storage unit if using storage pods. If you lack the time and ability to move items to a storage unit on your own a storage pod could be the way to go. The pod is delivered to your residence and owners can pack the pod with connivence right outside their front door. Once the pod is full simply have them store it until you need it. Obviously, adding additional items to the pod or access anything in them is a bit more complicated than a storage unit. But this can be a way to declutter your home as well. 

Room Checklist  

If you decide to put your house for sale on the market it is important to make sure you have each room prepped for a last minute showing. I’ve visited houses for sale where the owner didn’t prep the house for the showing. It makes a big difference. Don’t be lazy, make sure each room is showcased to the best of its ability. Turn on the lights, vacuum the carpet, dust the furniture, remove items from the kitchen counters and take out that trash- have a checklist of must-do items for each room so that family members can easily help out and have each showing set up for maximum showing look and feel. 

Does anyone have another tip they’ve used when selling a home? Minnesota readers be sure to checkout Opendoor before putting your house for sale! It’s another option to consider when researching this important rite of passage! 





  1. This is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great idea about the storage unit: declutter!

  3. Mary Gardner says

    Thanks for the tips. We have moved recently and I have to agree that a storage unit or storage pods are so helpful in getting your home ready to sell.

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