5-Word Book Reviews & the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge


This post was sponsored by Scholastic to encourage children to read during the summer months, all opinions are my own. 

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The end of summer is already here for many. It seems that most of the country is already hitting the books. Luckily in Minnesota we don’t start school until after Labor Day. That being said, I am in the midst of back-to-school shopping.  My boys need so many supplies! Black felt tip pens with a fine point. Loose leaf paper, wide ruled. Thin washable markers, classic colors. The lists are detailed and exhausting. 

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And while I have their backpacks mostly stacked with all the necessities, my little fellas are still enjoying their last few weeks of summer fun. Sleeping in until nine, watching cartoons in the middle of the day, lounging on the couch reading countless books, such is the life of my guys. 


To highlight my partnership my almost eleven-year-old helped me pull together these 5-wordish book reviews from some of his favorites of the summer. He has had a great time reading (as always) and participating in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge for another summer.  Scholastic joined together with ENERGIZER® to power the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge and encourage families to find innovative ways to discover the power and joy of reading. And it’s not too late to take part! Now through September 4th, visit Scholastic.com/Summer to participate before it’s too late. 

cs lewis collection

A great fantasy adventure series! 

nathan hales

A great book if you like history! 

karen miller water beasts

A fantastic book that explains some of the mysteries of this world.

lloyd alexander

Some of the best fantasy books a kid can read!

ripleys believe it or not

Awesome, fascinating facts of the bizarre and strange!

Even with all our reading this summer it’s just somewhat inevitable that the kids had some summer brain drain. But to minimize this learning loss we did follow Scholastic’s Maggie McGuire advice of 5 easy tips for making reading a priority for your child, like setting a weekly minutes goal, reserving special time to read together as a family, and celebrating reading accomplishments. 

Before your kids head back to school or even if they have already started take advantage of all the resources available from Scholastic. 


This year Scholastic partnered together with Energizer® for a fun instant win game in conjunction with the Summer Reading Challenge. Parents can buy any specially marked pack of Energizer® brand batteries to scratch for a chance to win one of thousands of prizes that will power discovery and learning.

Prizes include a family trip to New York City, a Scholastic Study Corner Makeover, a tablet with Scholastic apps, a library of Scholastic books and more! Everyone who plays can also download free digital stories for their family.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. My oldest is in the 4th grade but reads on a much higher AR level. I think he may like some of the books you son recommended.

  2. We did not do this summer reading program but we did a 30 minute a day reading journal during the Summer and we continue since he has started school. We may try this program next Summer!

  3. Linda Stewart says

    We do a summer reading program through our local library then we look forward, twice a year to the Scholastic Book Fair at school.

  4. lisa brown says

    The Lloyd Alexander books look really good.

  5. Christy Anderson says

    I love Scholastic books and glad to see they have a summer reading program. We usually just do the reading challenge from our local library.

  6. Karen Glatt says

    We have read all of Ripley’s Believe it or not books and love the series of books. They have a lot of fun facts. We love reading at our house and did the summer reading program at the library this year.

  7. My nephew likes Ripleys Believe It or Not books – he likes to learn interesting and weird facts.

  8. I loved summer reading programs when I was a kid.

  9. I wish my son was more involved in reading. I think he would get a kick out of Believe It Or Not there is some pretty interesting facts in there and pretty disturbing pictures as well LOL, but he’s a boy and would enjoy those sorts of things.

  10. Maria Malaveci says

    OMG I loved all the summer programs when I was little!

  11. Those all look like excellent books! My grandsons love reading Scholastic books!

  12. Kids who develop a love of reading at an early age will always do better in and have a greater appreciation for school than those who do not!

  13. shelly peterson says

    We have never done a reading program before but I make sure reading is done daily.

  14. I am glad for companies who encourage kids to read. I also like your book recommendations. My kids love The Chronicles of Narnia books and I think they would like the Ripleys books too.

  15. It’s programs like these that really instilled the value of reading in me as a child. Ripley’s books were always a blast to read, and I know my nieces and nephews rummage through my old collection to have a read themselves. Great post!

  16. We just bought the Scholastic Narnia collection. We love it.

  17. I’ve always loved to read, another great book series for a young person to read is Anne of Green Gables series.

  18. courtney hennagir says

    We love the Summer reading challenge! My son is always looking for new books and I will have to tell him about the ones you featured. I feel so lucky to have an avid reader!

  19. Kristi Price says

    Thank you for the great suggestions on books. I really love reading with my grandson and am so thankful that he loves it as well. This Scholastic program sounds interesting, gonna check it out before the times up and check into that instant win game too..who wouldn’t love to win a bunch of books! That would be awesome 🙂

  20. Julie Lundstrom says

    I love Scholastic books. I buy collect them. Reading time with my son is our special time that we spend together.

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