A Blissful Bed with Sleep Number Memory Foam


I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve walked by the Sleep Number store at my local mall.  Sure, it looks comfy and cozy, but I never went inside.  I knew I would be bombarded by slimy salesmen trying to convince me of the mattress’s superiority.  Obviously, I am not a fan of salespeople.

I’m the kind of shopper who performs all the research ahead of time and enters a store knowing exactly what I’m going to purchase.  I can’t usually be swayed by a salesperson’s opinion.  In fact, if they are pushing an item on me, you can be sure I will push back with complete resistance.  Just ask my husband.  He has accused me of being rude on occasion to sales people, but my Midwestern directness does not like to be charmed by fluffy information.  Sticking to the facts in a straightforward manner goes a long way in my book.

Obviously with a degree of trepidation, I entered my local Sleep Number store.  Frankly, I don’t think I would have ever entered if it wasn’t for this review assignment.  I was prepared to be onslaughted with “fluffy” information and miraculous statements.

My salesman first directed me to their basic c2 model.  Time to take a little break!  *sneak peek* this is one of my NYC outfits!

Imagine my surprise when my salesman stated that he wasn’t going to bombard me with information, instead he simply wanted me to experience the bed for myself and let me make up my own mind.  Umm…why can’t more salesmen be like this?  Maybe it is the way all Sleep Number employees operate or maybe he knew how to appeal to my direct nature, but I have to admit I loved the tactic.  As a customer I want to be the one to make the decisions.  I want to tell you what I think.  I want to figure some things out for myself.

Therefore I merely laid back and relaxed to see what this Sleep Number business is all about.

When I first laid down the bed was at 100- the hardest setting.

The bed did indeed feel hard, but not uncomfortable.  Next, he moved the remote down to 30.  Here it is on it’s way down- very easy controls.

At some point on the way from 100 down to 30 I felt the bed loosen.  Suddenly, I was slowly and lightly sinking into the bed.  Hello, comfort!  I thought I liked a hard bed…yep, I really liked the 30 setting.  What is truly brilliant about Sleep Number beds is that each side has their own control.  Yep, that means you can be at a 30, while your husband can be at a 70 if he wants.  You each have control!

Now that I could actually feel the difference and could partially see the technology at work, it was time to get even more technical.  In a purely informative way, my salesman explained exactly what the bed was doing.

He talked me through the bed’s Individual Fit technology.  This part blew my mind.  See the red/orange part on the screen.  That’s my behind.  Yes, that’s my butt.  The bed has a sensor to detect the pressure that is being exerted in certain areas.  My behind, carrying the most weight was the area most effected.

As we changed the settings…

The area became a lighter color and more balanced.  Notice the top image is at 100 while the bottom is at 35.  It was at this point that I started to realize this bed was probably smarter than me:)  But I also realized that the softer setting helped alleviate the pressure certain areas of my body experience while sleeping.

I could also see the indention my body placed on the mattress.  Definitely the smartest bed I have ever seen.

Next I moved on to their pillow top c4 bed, though I must admit the bed that I loved the most was after the c4.  Instead the m7- memory foam mattress required some serious testing;)

Memory foam is all the rage lately, and for due reasons.  I own a memory foam pillow that I love.  The foam is supportive, yet cushioning.  What would an entire bed of memory foam be like?  The simple answer is that the bed was heaven, but there is a little bit more to it than that.  It was a combination of the memory foam mattress with the Flex Fit Adjustable Base that made my experience so memorable.  What is the3 Flex Fit Adjustable Base?  Simply put, it is a mattress frame that allows your bed to incline at the feet and head.  The first two beds I tried did not have this adjustable base and while I found them comfortable- I wasn’t overwhelmed.

But when my sales guy adjusted my bed- first at the feet, but then also at the head I was stunned.

I had never been in a bed like this before. 

The incline at the feet and head was not substantial, but that slight variation gave me a comfort I never knew existed in a bed.  It was almost like I was being cradled by the bed itself.  It was at that moment of complete comfort that I started to get ticked off.  I have already given birth to three children.  Three pregnancies, waddling along uncomfortably at nine months, trying desperately to find some form of comfort.  Towards the end of my last pregnancy I couldn’t even sleep in my own bed, as my left shoulder ached from sleeping on it so much.  The only comfort I could find was on our old, much abused and worn sofa.  It was at that moment I realized I could have been comfortable in my own bed, if I had, had this bed. Grrrrr…

I must admit I was a little shell shocked for the rest of my visit, I kept thinking about what my nights would have been like if I had just purchased a Sleep Number mattress.  The bed also includes layers that can help you stay warm or cool, which ever the case may be and also help reduce exposure to allergens.  You’ll have to visit Sleep Number online to view the entire information regarding this technology.   I take most things in life fairly seriously, but it occurred to me that I was not taking my bed nearly serious enough.

Back when my eldest son was a baby I purchased a pillow top mattress and at local national brand furniture store.  Sure, I tried it out and it seemed okay, but it certainly had none of the technology of the Sleep Number beds.  Now after sleeping on our mattress for over seven years, I can confirm it is definitely lacking.  My husband’s and my shape are permanently embedded on the mattress.

this is the silver edition 25th anniversary bed

Then it was time for the prices.  I remember roughly how much I had paid for our brand new mattress seven years ago and I was curious to see what the difference would be.  Yes, I was convinced the Sleep Number beds were awesome.  Yes, I was convinced they were the best beds around.  But, would I have to potentially sell one of my children to afford it?

The answer?  Yes and no.  Sure, there are some very expensive models.  The type that are the cost of a used car, however the basic models are much more affordable than I anticipated.  My favorite model the m7- king- with the FlexFit Adjustable Base- is $5,849.98.  Yep, that isn’t going to happen.   I certainly don’t have a budget for that costly of a bed.  However, the basic c2 model with an Adjustable FlexFit base in king size is $3,399.98.   Also there are different sale promotions that routinely occur potentially making the model even cheaper.  I spent approximately $1000 on a mattress that is not smart, not technologically superior, isn’t particularly comfortable and doesn’t nearly support my body the way it should.   Had I known what I do now, I totally would have sprung for the Sleep Number bed.  Sure, it is more expensive, but it would have ultimately lasted longer.  (All parts have a 20 warranty).

Sleep Number also sells a variety of other corresponding bed products- pillows, mattress covers, and sheets.  Obviously, with such an investment it is wise to purchase a proper cover to ensure it doesn’t become soiled or destroyed.  I’m thinking of co-sleeping in this instance.  All my babies have slept in our bed at some point and sometimes we would wake up to soiled sheets- ick.

Have you visited a Sleep Number store?  Based on my experience I would highly recommend making a visit.  Even if you are not looking to purchase a mattress right now, it might be a good idea to see what is available.   We are probably going to eck out a few more years from our lackluster pillow top mattress, but when its time to buy a new mattress- I know where I’m heading!

Connect with Sleep Number online to see the full line of mattresses and frames available.  Also connect via Facebook and Twitter for additional promotional information.

And don’t forget to check out the sweeps tab on Sleep Numbers Facebook page and entire to win a 25th Anniversary Silver Edition bed!

I have been compensated for this post through my connection with Smiley360, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. A restfull night of sleep sound goods

  2. We have a Sleep Number m7 bed and, after having years of back and neck pain, after years of being sore for an hour after I woke up every morning, these symptoms are gone! The Sleep Number m7 bed is perfect for me! I was gone from my home for over a month this summer and during that time I realized once again just how wonderful my m7 bed is for me–I was so sore on vacation!!! My husband, on the other hand likes our previous memory foam mattress (with a memory foam topper, LOL) just as well as the m7 which costs 3x as much as our other bed. I think whether or not it is worth it very much depends on your body.

  3. The technology behind that bed is just amazing!!

  4. Amazing! I think the closest sleep number store to me is an hour away, but looks like something we should save up for. My husband is always complaining about his back 🙁

    Thank you for this thorough review! I especially appreciate the information about the price. Now I know what to save up for!

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  6. Now that is an amazing bed! I would love to have a bed like that. We are in the market for a new mattress so I will have to look and see if there are any stores in our area. I love the imaging system too. What a great way to find your best number!

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