A Super Powered Halloween with Party City!


When I was a child for Halloween I was a gypsy, a cat, Donald Duck, and a punk rocker.  Yes, being a punker rocker was very cool back in the day:)  Times have definitely changed.  Today, little girls want to be a variety of Disney princesses, fairies, and other extremely lady-like ideals.  And the boys?  Well, they want to be the ultimate super hero, of course.  My three little guys included.

I believe I have mentioned on numerous occasions my five year old’s obsession with Iron Man.  He recently saw Marvel’s The Avengers for the first time.   Yeah, that’s obviously was not a good way to tone down his Iron Man fever:)

He was extremely thrilled with his new Iron Man costume for Halloween.  He is especially delighted with the bulging biceps:)

My eight year old can be a bit harder to please.  He typically looks for more obscure heroes, but since he outgrew our old Wolverine costume, he was very pleased to have a new one of his own.  The pretend claws are certainly the highlight of this Wolverine costume for my son.   And he too, also loves the muscle padding.  Little boys have to dream:)

My littlest guy is also a big Iron Man fan, but he also has a fondness for Spiderman.  He can sling webs like a pro.  The ability to make realistic sound effects is a skill all my boys take pride in- it must be a guy thing:)

It looks like I’ll be well protected this entire Halloween month.  If your kids are like mine, they wear their costumes daily until Halloween!

Whatever your child wants to be this Halloween, check out Party City both online and in stores for a full selection of possibilities.  21 days and counting……..



I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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