A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea- The Expressionary Review


Looking for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day?  I recently received an Expressionary that I had ordered online.

What is an Expressionary?

Quite simply it is a dictionary made personally for that special someone in your life.

The useful part is that it is an actual dictionary.  The personal part is that the gift giver selects ten words that best represent the one they are giving the dictionary to.  An Expressionary is created for that person with their picture located where the particular words that define them are located.

This is the process involved.  It truly is that simple.

I decided to make a book for my husband, but obviously you can make one for anybody.  I think an Expressionary would be really well suited for children.  Owning a dictionary is a handy thing for a child, why not make it special?  Whenever your child uses the dictionary he will see words that express what you think about him.  A little character building?

As you can see below there are a few different styles to choose from I selected the Contemporary Hardcover.

And how awesome is this!  You get to choose which charity will receive a portion of the sale of your Expressionary!  I love it when companies give back but, it makes it even better when I get to choose which organization receives the benefit!

As I mentioned I decided to create one for my husband.   Valentine’s Day is almost here.

The finished product looked great!

Of course what you really want to know is how it looks on the inside….

My husband got a real “kick” out of seeing himself in the book.  He was immediately interested in which words I had selected to represent him.  It was at that point that my husband (the jokster) mentioned having funny words.  What a great idea.  Rather than making the book serious, you could also having fun with it.  Pick outrageous words and just be silly.  There are obviously a lot of options available.  You can create exactly the kind of book you would like.

Currently you can receive 20% off your first hard cover Expressionary by using code MAMA2507.  You still have time to order before Valentine’s Day, but an Expressionary would be great for others special occasions such as birthdays as well.

Also The Expressionary currently has a  ‘Valentine’s Spread the Love Giveaway,’ with prizes including game consoles, a Kindle Fire, iPod Touch and OnLive Game System.

By following The Expressionary on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and “spreading the love,” entrants can potentially win.

Click here for the full details regarding the giveaway.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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