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In today’s increasingly toxic environment many people are turning back to natural products.  They’ve always been there, these vital ingredients in nature.  Society has merely either ignored them or embrace them throughout history.  With all of our modern science and  technology there are some simple truths that become more apparent- using products that are made with natural ingredients are good for the environment and good for you.

Sometimes shopping online can be difficult.  Each website has its own particular design and varied information.  Abe’s Market is a one-stop marketplace for all things natural.  They have completed the hard work compiling all natural products in one centralized location.  You can also find out who makes the product? What’s in it? Where is it made? How? You can even chat directly with sellers to ask specific questions so you know that you can trust and be comfortable with the products you bring into your home.  This is the way shopping online should be.

Abe’s Market has also started an informative video program titled, In-The-Know.  This series keeps you up-to-date with maintaining a green, natural and healthy lifestyle. From shopping for eco-friendly toys to planting your very own organic garden, Abe’s has you covered with advice from experts in their field.

Check out the following video that provides valuable information when purchasing Eco-friendly toys.

Or this video which discusses ways to encourages a natural way to prepare for school.

If you are in need of some natural products (aren’t we all) Abe’s Market is currently offering a great deal to Mama Report readers.  Visit www.abesmarket.com  and use the special one-time only discount code made especially for Mama Report readers “ENB-yw4yfx” at checkout for $10 off a $30 purchase or more! (I do not receive any benefits if you purchase using this code)  Plus shipping is free for orders over $49, and there’s a flat rate $3.99 on orders below that amount.

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My family has tried to be “green” in a number of ways.  We recycle, of course.  Isn’t that a no-brainer?  We have also used natural products on our children when they were babies and we still do a good portion of the time.  I also use many natural products on my own skin and around the house.  Why add unnecessary chemicals to your home and skin?

How are you “green” or do you use natural products in your home?


This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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