Adopt a Sea Turtle this Christmas with the Sea Turtle Conservancy!


Looking for something unique to give as a gift this holiday season?  Consider adopting a sea turtle from the Sea Turtle Conservancy.  Sure, children are excited about Christmas because of all the new toys they are destined to receive, but it is also a great time to teach children other valuable lessons such as how important it is to help those animals with whom we share our world.  Human behavior has driven many animals to near extinction and the sea turtle adoption kit provides a way for your children to learn about this important creature.  Each kit can be wrapped and placed under a Christmas tree if you are still looking for a wrap-able gift.

For $25 (within the U.S. – $35 outside of the U.S.) you will receive a personalized adoption certificate, a Sea Turtle Conservation Guide, a membership window cling, a sea turtle sticker and bookmark, a hatchling magnet, and a one-year subscription to STC’s membership publication, all in a keepsake sea turtle folder.   We also received a tattoo!  Here is an image of our packet.

As you can see by the certificate, our adopted turtle is named Jewel.  Little children will love seeing their name on the certificate!  My boys were very excited with this kit.  There was some controversy surrounding who would receive which items, but the boys stop fussing as we looked at the certificate together.  This kit is a great way to make these sea turtles come to life for little children.  The conservation guide book provides all the essential information necessary to answer all the budding questions a little child might have regarding the turtles.  And the stickers add a bit of fun to delight  little hands.

There is so much potential learning that can happen with this kit.  What a great way to expand your child’s world!  We were able to visit and follow our turtle, Jewel’s migration on a map.  Technology can provide many conveniences for society, but in this case it can also allow us to connect with nature.

For a limited time starting in November, upgrade any sea turtle gift adoption to the $50 level or above, and Sea Turtle Conservancy will include a free 2012 Sea Turtle Calendar in addition to the adoption premium!

Check out the Sea Turtle Conservancy online to make this holiday a greener one!


I received the above mentioned kit for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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