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As a mom of three boys it can be hard to find fashionable clothing.  Just look in most clothing stores and you will see a plethora of girl clothing options, but more often than not, the boys section is miniscule.   I have noticed on more than one occasion that The Children’s Place seems to have a better balance of girl vs boy.  In fact, the store seems to be divided almost equally between the two.  Hooray!

Yes, I’m sure boys are easier to dress and keep in fashion.  I was once a little girl, myself.  I remember the drama that ensued when I didn’t look exactly the way I wanted.  My boys want to look good and be comfortable, but for the most part that is a pretty easy request to fulfill.  My eight year old was clearly loving his new clothes from The Children’s Place.  What a ham!  As soon as the camera comes out, he is immediately full of fun characters to impersonate:)

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Can you tell he loved this child sized fedora?!!  I knew once I saw it in the store I had to get him one.  It’s so him!  My little guy is full of personality and this hat helps feature his style.

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He actually loved the entire outfit!  The pants, in a size 8, were a great fit mostly because the waist is expandable.  Love, love those kinds of pants!  My son is tall, but super skinny- especially in the waist.  Therefore he frequently has problems with his pants almost falling down.  Elastic waistbands are the best for curing him of this problem.

This cozy sweater will be great for the weather featured in the photo, but currently The Children’s Place also has a great selection to start outfitting your family for spring and summer.  I also picked up this super handsome polo shirt featured below.

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If you are looking for a wide selection of children’s clothes at affordable prices, I highly recommend checking out your local The Children’s Place store.  There always seems to be great deals and savings available!


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  1. Olivia Rubin says

    He is adorable….but the first thingi thought of with the first outfit was Freddy Krueger…just his stance of areas crossed, striped sweater, and fedora.

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