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If you are a parent, grandparent, or in any way have a child in your life, you need to be familiar with  This is a fantastic site that sells all types of learning and educational toys that are thoroughly tested and age-appropriate.

When you visit , the first thing you’ll notice is that the left side of the homepage has links for “Toys by Age”.  If you’ve ever gone shopping for a toy, you’ve probably struggled with knowing if the toy is age-appropriate or not for the child recipient.  This site makes it so easy to give a gift that is right on target.  Toys, books, and games are all matched to a child’s age and stage by eBeanstalk‘s panel of Child-Experts.  For example, if you are looking for a toy for a baby, you can quickly find it by clicking on “Baby Toys” or by narrowing it down even further to “Girl” or “Boy” toys, or “Top Sellers”.

Kids receive a lot of toys these days.  But how many of those toys are actually contributing to the child’s development?  If you purchase a toy, book, or game from you can be assured that it will do just that.  The group of Child Specialists at eBeanstalk has researched over 10,000 developmental toys from well-known manufacturers around the world and has narrowed the list down to the 600 best learning toys.  Each toy on eBeanstalk is carefully selected, tested, and approved and comes with the eBeanstalk Seal of Approval.

In browsing through the site, I found it to be extremely well-organized, with tons of categories to view in order to narrow down your search for the perfect gift.  In addition to searching by “Toys by Age”, you can also view by “Brands” if you are looking for a specific manufacturer.  eBeanstalk works with a long list of manufacturers to offer only the best toys, books, and games for your children.

At eBeanstalk, they even go above and beyond by offering a section of “Expert Advice” which are short articles written by the team of Child Specialists that cover a variety of parenting topics.  There is also a section for “Milestones” that list the various key developmental milestones by age category, which is a handy guide for any parent to use to check if their little one is on track developmentally.

Personally, I have a 5 year-old girl who has accumulated lots of toys in those 5 years.  It is important to me that she is learning while she is playing.  One of the manufacturers we love is Melissa and Doug.  eBeanstalk currently offers 304 Melissa and Doug products.  One that my daughter loves is the Abby and Emma Dress Up dolls.  These are essentially wooden dolls like the “paper dolls” of old.  The dolls’ clothing and accessories are magnets that attach to the dolls.  Genius!

We also have recently purchased the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart.  Our 5 year-old is at the perfect age where it is important that she learns basic responsibilities, and for her to have a sense of accomplishment from performing these tasks.  This responsibility chart is awesome!

eBeanstalk not only stocks toys, but they also offer nearly 200 different books.  One of our favorite series is the Berenstain Bears books.  A favorite at our house is Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers.

However, I am currently on a search for fun baby toys, since I have a 7 week-old baby boy.  eBeanstalk offers so many great choices!  We held on to our Fisher Price Love to Play Puppy that his big sister had.  True to the eBeanstalk guarantee, this puppy held the test of time and can now be used by my little guy for hours of fun!

But unfortunately some of the baby toys my 5 year-old had were not purchased at eBeanstalk and have broken or quit working.  So it is time to purchase some new ones that my little boy will enjoy.  The eBeanstalk site offers tons of toys for babies.  I have my eye on the Spin Tacular Play Center and the RED Tip Truck for starters!  Another cool feature of the eBeanstalk website is that you can create a Wishlist which is a registry of the toys your child is wishing for.  This can be shared with friends and family so that you will no longer receive duplicate toys or toys that you do not want and thus have to return.  This makes so much sense!

Remember to visit the next time you are looking to purchase a gift for a special child in your life!


This post was written by Carrie for The Mama Report.



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