America’s Largest Waterpark: Noah’s Ark Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells


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 Our summer is a little topsy turvy this year.  We are currently in transition to a move to a new house and a new area (a Twin Cities suburb). Within this crazy time I knew my little guys would need an epic adventure. Our destination? Noah’s Ark Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells! But let me be truthful,  my little guys love a waterpark at any time.  Since they received the news they have been keeping careful count on how many days until they soak up some water induced fun. As I heard this morning we have six days to go!


 In anticipation of our visit we had our first sprinkler run of the season.  It is amazing how much joy a simple sprinkler can bring to kids. Needless to say, a waterpark of Noah’s Ark fashion is almost literally beyond their comprehension.  We took a tour of the park via the website and they already have their must-do list prepared. 


 Those readers who live in Minnesota and Wisconsin or basically anywhere within a feasible distance to the Wisconsin Dells area can take advantage of a special one-day General Admission ticket for  $32.99+tax online only, that is $6.00 off of the gate price of $38.99!



We are ready! 





Almost unbearable anticipation? 

Check x 3!


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