An Easy Valentine’s Day Gift for Him- Remington BLACK DIAMOND FOIL SHAVER Review


The official countdown to Valentine’s Day has started.  If you are in a bind this year and still haven’t found the perfect gift, consider the Remington Black Diamond Foil Shaver– sold exclusively at Target.  My husband was kind enough to “test” out this product for all your husbands:)  Here is his official scoop.


You’ve come to recognize The Mama Report as a source of information for just about everything. From movies to literature, household concerns to fashion tips, and even recipes in the kitchen to recipes for a happy home. It might therefore come as something of a shock to learn that The Mama Report cannot report on everything. For example, a razor for men. That’s where I come in. Hi, I’m the husband.

The Remington Black Diamond Electric Shaver has diamond-like carbon coating on its rotary and foil shavers to keep it sharp and the shave clean. This reduces redness and irratation, as well as allowing to shave less often. The blades are housed in a pivoting head that adjusts and flexes to the countours of the face, allowing for a closer and more even shave. As an added bonus, the shaving unit has a pop-up trimmer to keep those sideburns and mustache handlebars even and looking slick.

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Keeping the shaver clean is a snap, literally. The pivoting head doubles up as a whisker catcher and can easily be detached to dump out the hair clipping and snapped back into place effortless. The shaver itself comes with a auto worldwide voltage that can be used with a cord or cordless after a charge, with over 60 minutes of runtime. In short, it’s fast, it’s clean, it’s efficient, and best of all, it’s ready to be used when you need it.

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Now that you know a little bit about the shaver, let’s get you acquainted with what it will be shaving. I not only shave my face, but also my head. That’s a lot of territory to cover and I usually do all my shaving in the shower in front of a mirror with a razor. I do this every other day and have been doing so for over 8 years. In fact, my children have no memory of their father with hair, which is fine, because I’ve never had a “good hair day” in my life.

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To suggest that the Remington Black Diamond Electric Shaver had a challenge on its hands is an understatement. The bar has been raised very high after years of shaving with razor blades. After charging the shaver for 24 hours (recommended initial charging time), I gave it a go, shaving my face and head as I would with a razor. After 10 minutes of shaving, here’s what I discovered.

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When it comes to razors versus an electric shaver, I think it’s pretty much even and the victor will be decided on personal preference. However, I do not want to suggest that any electric razor could compare to the very close shave a razor provides. The Remington Black Diamond Electric Shaver did an outstanding job and shaved incredibly close, but not as close as a razor. But it didn’t cut me, either, as my razors are prone to do if not used correctly. This allowed me to shave fairly quickly after I got the hang of the shaver, without fear of mutilating myself. What it lacked in a shave as close as I had come to appreciate, it made up for in speed. I was able to shave my face and head very quickly and only needed to spend time in those areas that are naturally hard to get to, like the back of the ears and around the front part of the neck.

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Overall, I’d suggest that the Remington Black Diamond Electric Razor is a good product, but I wouldn’t suggest an individual who already uses razor blades make the switch. In some ways, we are talking apples and oranges here, and it is improper to compare an electric shaver to a metal razor. But for those who already use electric shavers, the Remington Black Diamond Electric Razor is sure to be a big hit and possibly an improvement over what they are using today. It works well and fast, giving you a close shave without a fuss.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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