Antonio Banderas is Puss in Boots! (a Conference Call Interview!)


A while ago I had the opportunity to take part in a conference call with a group of bloggers and Antonio Banderas.  Never in a million years did I imagine I would have the opportunity to speak with Antonio Banderas.  Let’s just say my normal life doesn’t include chats with movie stars, however this is technically my third conference call with a celebrity (previously- Jessica Alba & Katherine Heigl).  I know there are movie stars who are erratic and snobby, but I have haven’t talked to them.  Antonio (yes, I’m on a first name basis:) was so genuine and honest, I was highly impressed.  I was a fan of Antonio’s before my interview and am an even bigger fan now.  Let me tell you why.

First of all let me address Antonio’s voice.  I am a happily married woman, but oh lord, his voice (meaning his accent) is irresistible.  Few men can embody sexiness with their mere voice, but Antonio Banderas can.  And like the dork that I am, I completely fuddled my moment.  All the bloggers are on mute so as to keep the background noise to a minimum during the call.  In order to talk the blogger needs to press *6 on their phone.  Little did I know I was the first blogger to ask Antonio a question. This is what happened.

Mediator- Okay, our first question comes from Alicia from The Mama Report.

Antonio- (Insert thick Spanish accent) Helllooo, Allliiiccciiiaa.

Me- (Frantically I’m trying to unmute my phone while saying *****!  I can’t believe I”m going to miss my moment- and to be fair I’m a little dazed by the way he rolled my name of his lips)

Antonio- Hhhheellloo…..

Mediator- Okay we’ll go on to our…

Me- (literally breathless) I’m here! Sorry I was having trouble with my phone.  Hi Antonio, What is your favorite aspect of making a movie?

Antonio- (This is not verbatim) The group dynamics.  Each person brings their own talents and working together as a group and with a variety of people is my favorite aspect.

Whew….I made it just in the nick of time, however I did swear to purchase a new phone after that incident.  My phone is not exactly high quality.  The rest of the bloggers went on to ask their varied questions and as I mentioned before I was highly impressed with the degree of sincerity and passion Antonio has for his work and for life in general.  He discussed his children (daughter Stella and step-children Alexander and Dakota) and how he encourages them to follow their passion in life.  He also mentioned that they enjoy watching movies as a family.  He mentioned his wife Melanie Griffith and how marriage is work.  He didn’t sugar coat their romance with fairytale ideals, but instead was “real” and stated that a marriage takes work.  But like anyone the tie that keeps people together is love.   I was moved by how “spot on” he was about life and how to live your life.

Antonio even broke into his Puss character at one point in our interview (so cool!) and discuss how he had the freedom to have fun with this character.  There were lines involved like any movie, but he had the ability to ad-lib as he wanted.  I think this is what makes the Puss character so much fun.  Antonio has fun with the character and that in turn comes out on the screen.  After watching all the Shrek movies my family’s favorite character was easily Puss.  It was no surprise that we were very excited to see this movie.  I did not get a chance to attend as someone had to stay at home with my two year old, but my other little guys (ages 7 & 4) saw it along with my  husband and Nana and have declared it a hit.  I will have to wait with anticipation for the movie to be released on DVD.

Puss in Boots is currently in movie theaters every where.


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