At Ease and Hands Free with Quivvers


As a mother, I am frequently aware of that fact that I only have two hands.   They say life is a balancing act and this is certainly true in regards to motherhood.  There always seems to be so many things to take care of when my boys and I step out of the house.

Keys? Check.

Phone? Check.

Three boys with three pairs of shoes on their feet. Check.

Shoes? Yes, shoes.  We have arrived at our destination before only to discovered a certain little boy never had shoes on. Uff!

Quivvers is a great way to corral all the important items you need with you, in a hands-free way.   Frequently I have also had my cell phone tumble out of the stroller.  Sure, I have a place to put it, but it doesn’t necessarily stay there.  Now I can push my stroller without worrying about losing anything important.

My husband kindly posed for my pictures, because the Quivver is great for guys too.  I think it would be very useful when we go hiking.  But obviously there are numerous places where this small bag would be handy.  Biking, running, traveling……you get the idea.

The Quivver is reminiscent of the ever popular and wildly made fun of- fanny pack.  But, of course, the Quivver is not on your fanny:)  This look is a bit more trendy and modern.

You can wear it on the front or back……

There is plenty of room for a cell phone.

There are actually three separate compartments.  One on the outside and two on the inside.

Quivvers are adjustable for a comfort fit.

At $50 a piece Quivvers are not inexpensive, however the product is made entirely in the U.S.   It seems to be difficult to find a product made in the U.S. these days. Quivvers, the company, is actually based out of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin- a place I have visited numerous times and where my husband has deep family history.

Check out the various color combinations available.  And don’t forget to connect with Quivvers via Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest information.




I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.





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