AT&T Review: Is the King of Telecommunications Doing Enough to Retain Its Seat?


On 1876, Alexander Graham Bell has invented the telephone. On early August of the same year, Bell
attempted to sell the telephone patent to Western Union for a hundred thousand dollars. Western
Union refused believing that the telephone was nothing more than a toy. This was, perhaps, Western
Union’s greatest blunder. Bell then turned to his financial backers, Hubbard and Sanders. The two found
a telecommunications company that was later known as AT&T. And the rest, as they say, was history.

A little toy it may be, but that toy has changed communication and lifestyle as we know it. Now, with
AT&T on the lead, several wireless telecommunication providers are fighting over the money as it is
all here, in the wireless arena. And with strict competition, network carriers are forced to evolve and
present better marketing plans. With AT&T on the top, are they doing enough? Or will the thirsty
competition knock them out of the throne soon. One thing is for sure, a colorful history alone won’t do it
for them.

In reviewing AT&T, we will be using five criteria namely features, which involves unique marketing
offers; phone selection, which involves (you’ve guessed it right) the phones that are offered; plans,
which are about (you’ve guessed it again) the available budget plans; coverage, for cellular signal
strength and availability throughout the USA; and affordability, for reasonable prices and getting your
buck’s worth.

To start with our review, we would first be looking at the features. (Or you could jump at the summary
for the short, but less comprehensive, version of it)

To separate the best from the rest, one must have unique features to offer. This becomes the network
carrier’s identity and can often help one reach the title of being one of the best (take Sprint and its ‘truly
unlimited’ data, for instance). AT&T currently has the Mobile to Mobile, Rollover Minutes, and Upgrade
Advantage. If you are not on an unlimited talk plan, Mobile to Mobile allows you to select a certain
contact and have an unlimited talk line with him/her for a minimal rate.

Many are faced with the dilemma between being unable to take full advantage of the plan and
exceeding from one’s budget. With AT&T’s solution to this is the Rollover Minutes. With this, you can
keep your unused talk-time over the next month for up to 12 billing periods.

Finally, AT&T’s Upgrade Advantage keeps its users rewarded by allowing them to upgrade to any phone
model for every 20 months of subscription. This way, you can always have the latest phone model just
by staying. This is a tested method to keep one’s customers happy and satisfied. And if they are, they
won’t be looking for greener pastures.

With solid features, I’m giving AT&T 4 out of 5. I’m not giving a perfect five for these criteria as I do not
think these set of features will secure AT&T’s position from the aggressive Verizon and Sprint.


This is, perhaps, AT&T’s strongest point and the reason why AT&T is leading the game with over 70
million subscribers. AT&T offers the largest selection of smartphones and consistently delivers the latest
phone models ahead of the competition; in fact AT&T was the first to offer the iPhone 4S, ahead of
Verizon and Sprint. The wireless carrier also boasts a great selection of exclusive phones from different
manufacturers such as Samsung and Sharp. Even their refurbished phones can pass as brand new and
are being sold for very low prices. There is no doubt that AT&T deserves a perfect 5 in this category.

AT&T offers affordable plans that range from $39 (basic) up to $69 (unlimited) per month. All plans
include the Rollover feature and the popular unlimited nights/weekends. Although when it comes to
data plans, AT&T’s reputation is not that good since it was confirmed that they are throttling the upper
5% of their heaviest data users. Not very rewarding is it? With this, I’m giving AT&T 3 out of 5because of

Being the first surely has its advantages. Because of its rich history, AT&T had an early start and has
claimed the title as being the best network (in terms of coverage that is). It offers the widest 4G
coverage in the USA. This means that most of its users can experience faster data rates (up to ten times
faster than 3G connection) more often than other networks. AT&T also offered an early support for
the new 4G LTE (a faster version of the 4G). This means, as the past trends have set, that AT&T will also
be holding the title of the best in this technology in the near future. With great coverage and excellent
advancements, AT&T merits a perfect rating of 5 out of 5.

AT&T has great affordability. Its phone models’ prices are well subsidized. It offers affordable data plans
and offers additional methods of cutting monthly costs such as Mobile to Mobile and Rollover. From
time to time, there are AT&T promo codes that provides additional benefits such as extended talk time. If postpaid plans are not
your thing, AT&T also offers prepaid services. This is “outshadowed,” however, by their great postpaid
offers. With this, I’m giving AT&T 4 out of 5


Features (4 out of 5) – Rollover, Mobile to Mobile, and Upgrade advantage allows you to save money
and will make you feel and know that you are getting a fair bargain. These features can really keep you
subscribed to the network.

Phones (5 out of 5) – AT&T has the best mobile selection. Name it, and AT&T has it.

Plans (3 out of 5) – AT&T offers solid talk and text plans. However, they are found wanting in the field of
data. This is saying a lot as data connection is essential to enjoy every smartphone to their fullest.

Coverage (5 out of 5) – AT&T has the throne for having the best coverage in the country, and perhaps,
the entire planet. It has the widest 4G signal support and is currently developing further support on 4G

Affordability (4 out of 5) – Cheap phone models, affordable data plans, additional promotions, Mobile to
Mobile, Rollover, and an AT&T promo code can really save your wallet.

OVERALL (4.5 out of 5)
Although not by a mile, AT&T can still be considered the best network there is. Its lead of over 20 million
subscribers over Verizon is a testimony to this. However, the competition is very close and AT&T can
lose its seat if it lets its guard down at any moment.



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  1. dont agree. I have a plan with them now and cant wait til my contract ends.

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