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The love and adoration of Super Heroes is a primal characteristic most people share.  We just can’t help it.  Even as a young girl, I had a fondness for them.  Being an only child and a girl (and therefore not the typical comic book fan base),  I believe attests to the power of Super Heroes.   Their ability to help with super human characteristics and create good in the world, is universal and timeless.  Even after our generation is long gone- Ironman, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, and other Super Heroes will live on indefinitely.

Now with three little boys of my own, my world frequently seems to revolve around Super Heroes.  The fever my boys have is unrivaled by my general interest as a child.  But to be fair, when I was a child I didn’t have a Marvel’s The Avengers movie like this.  The movie is Super Hero storytelling at its very best- funny, full of amazing special effects, and plenty of arm pumping feel good moments.

I had the pleasure of attending the Tribeca Film Festival closing night showing of Marvel’s The Avengers in New York City courtesy of Disney.  Yes, it was an amazing adventure!  And my boys were very excited that their own mommy got to attend such a big event.  While it was in the theaters by oldest son, age 8, had the opportunity to see the movie, but we decided to wait until it came out on DVD for my five year old to see it.  I was worried he would have a hard time differentiating between real life and computer animated graphics.  I thought it best to see it in the comfort of our own home were I could easily explain the difference.  Needless to say, he has felt a little left out of the magic.  And we have all been waiting with anticipation for the movie to be finally released on DVD!

And to celebrate this big DVD release Disney has also sponsored our Avengers Family Fun Night of Awesomeness!  Yes, Avengers love has reached a fevered pitch at my house:)  We invited some friends of ours, to share in our excitement and have some Avengers style fun with us.

But first I needed to stock up on some supplies at my local Walmart.  Disney and Walmart have teamed together to make this Marvel’s The Avengers DVD release one of the biggest and best yet.  They have created an Avengers Augmented Reality App to make your Avengers experience come to life while shopping at Walmart and at home!  You’re probably wondering, what in the heck does that mean? Obviously, I’m going to show you:)

First thing you need to do is download the app– easy, peasy. Once you do, it looks like this.

The app gives you four main options-

1. Take an Avengers quiz to determine which Avenger you are most like.  You do this by finding trigger points throughout your local Walmart store.  More on that in a minute.

2. Join the Avengers- Also by finding trigger points in your local Walmart store, you can see the Avengers come to life and take your photo with them.

3. Play a free augmented reality first person Avengers game.

4.  View amazing 3-D images by activating specially marked Avengers MarketSide Pizza and Marvel’s The Avengers DVD boxes.

Your next objective is to find special trigger markers located throughout your local Walmart store.  My personal Walmart stores did not have many trigger points, though I know most stores do.  But even with only a couple of trigger points I was still able to unlock the full abilities of the app.

Here is a helpful map to locate the triggers.

This is the one I found in the toy section.

And here is another I found near the MarketSide Pizza.

By locating the trigger I was able to start the Avengers quiz.

The quiz is not serious, but is instead a silly and fun way to have a little fun in Walmart:)  Once you complete the quiz you are able to see truly see yourself as your deemed Super Hero. Here’s my husband making his best Ironman face.  So serious.  The best part is that once you have selected enough trigger points you are them able to take the quiz whenever you would like.  The quiz is essentially unlocked and can be taken at any time without any more trigger points.

But my absolute favorite part of the Super Hero Augmented Reality is the 3-D effect on the MarketSide Pizza.  It is so cool! Simply select product activation on the app menu and then MarketSide pizza.  Then place your device in front of a specially marked box of pizza and this is what you will see!

Yep, you can see the Super Heroes zooming around NYC!  We purchased some MarketSide Pizza (located in the deli section of Walmart) for our party.  And everyone had fun seeing NYC come to life on a pizza box!

Once I was outfitted with all the party supplies I need via Walmart (check out my entire shopping trip at Google +), I added in some Avengers items we already owned to create our Avengers Family Fun Night of Awesomness!  Let me show you how much fun we had!

I had the scene set.  And then five boys descended upon the party with pure delight!

I managed to get them to sit still for at least a few minutes, with some Avengers coloring pages.

I would recommend skipping the actual coloring sheets and just supplying plain paper, as we just preferred to create our own Avengers from scratch.

Everyone loved the simple Avengers masks!

A confused Super Hero?

And pizza and cupcakes is a little boys idea of a perfect meal!:)

Even within the midst of five very loud boys, crazed with sugar cupcakes and Avengers excitement, my youngest son (not even 3 years old) took a minute to soak up The Avengers Graphic Novel (available for purchase with the DVD only at Walmart!)

This graphic novel is awesome!  My boys will not be able to watch the movie whenever they want.  I don’t allow them to watch TV without limits.  But they can read and look at this awesome Avengers book whenever they want.

This is exactly the kind of books my boys love.  Full of colorful illustrations, they will sit together for a long time carefully studying each page. That is exactly what happened when our book arrived.  My two youngest plopped themselves down on the couch to pour over the book:)

This graphic novel is FREE with a combo DVD/Blu-Ray purchase of Marvel’s The Avengers at Walmart.  There are only limited quantities of this book, therefore I recommend pre-ordering to make sure you get a copy.  The book is worth $25 alone and it is amazing that it comes with the DVD/Blu-Ray!

Marvel’s The Avengers is available at Walmart on Tuesday, September 25th! 

We wrapped up our Avengers party with a little Hawkeye-like action in our yard.  I’ll make you guess who had the best eye;)

Are you excited for the release of Marvel’s The Avengers on DVD?  Will you host an Avengers party of your own?  I’d love to hear of your excitement for the movie!  Please share in the comment section below.

For more information about Marvel’s The Avengers and all the information provided in this post check out the following links.

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  1. That is so cool. My son would have eaten a party like that up. 🙂

  2. I loved the picture with your son with all the characters combined! Super Hero Mashup 🙂 Looks like you all had a great time.

    • Thanks Tammy, it was a lot of fun! That Lego set you got is awesome. My oldest son already has that, I should have set that out too!

  3. susan hartman says

    I am impressed. You guys know how to have a good time!

  4. Looks like the dads had just as much fun as the little boys. My boys are too young to see the movie, but are still so excited for it. What a great idea to throw an Avengers party! That would be a perfect way of giving them a taste of the excitement without showing them the movie. I think I may have to use this idea for an activity night!

  5. WOW! That looks like an amazing party, I wish I would have been there, LOL! Such a fantastic time, we love The Avengers!

  6. My boys would have LOVED to have been at your party. And I thought we had a ton of toys!

  7. This is such a super fun party! My son would flip!!

  8. Looks like everyone had an amazing time. I love family parties where the adults have just as much as fun as the kids! We can’t wait to own a copy of The Avengers ourselves… and such a bonus that it comes with the graphic novel!

  9. What an amazing setup! Looks like a lot of fun!

  10. Wow, it looks like your Marvel’s The Avengers party was incredible!!! I love all of your decorations!

  11. Love how the guys got into it too!

  12. Looks like the boys had a great party! My husband still has not seen the movie and he so wants too!

  13. What an awesome setup!

  14. Looks like you bought everything in the store! lol. Love the new redesign by the way.

  15. Wow! Looks like a blast! Love the confused superhero and the idea of creating your own masks!!

  16. What a fun family day! Your super hero crew’s passion for Avengers is clear to see! Such a spread of Avengers themed goodness! I know I would be voted Mom of the Year if I treated my family to such a great day! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  17. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  18. Your party turned out amazing. I love that you included books. I’m an avid reader and encourage my children to read they’d love your party.

  19. Looks like a great day! I can’t believe that you even found Avengers balloons. So fun!

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