Back-to-School Rules for Being a Kid


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 After Labor Day weekend school begins in the state of Minnesota. During this first month the temperature is bound to be summer-like one week and chilly the next.  And just like the variance in climate, these first few weeks of school can create a mixture of emotions. There are first day jitters and the excitement of making new friends, and the sudden shock that school is EVERY day.  There is no more sleeping in, no more endless hours of play.  It’s time to work! 

My little fellas have adjusted to their new school with ease.  Unlike our former home, we no longer have to drive or take the bus to school.  We can walk! I’m sure there will be epic stories in the future about how they had to trudge through the snow and rain to get to school, but I certainly appreciate the ease of our short walk. And in typical kid style my guys have determined their own distinct way to get to school. 

1. PLAY- If you can no longer stay home and play all day, maximize your moments and play as you walk! 


 2. No sunshine, No problem! My littlest is getting to be quite good at properly holding an umbrella.  Unfortunately his older brother isn’t much of a role model as he prefers to use the umbrella as a weapon versus a shield. 


 3.  Let Mom know she’s still needed.  While you may no longer need to hold mom’s hand when taking a walk, make sure she still feels the love by letting her hold your hand once in a while. 


4. Don’t forget your furry friend. Mom isn’t the only one that misses you during the day. Don’t forget about your four-legged friend! He might need a little extra tummy scratch when you get home. 


 5. Halloween will be here soon! While it may be sad to say good-bye to summer and the beginning of school, don’t forget that the season of thrills will soon be here! My boys love Halloween. As soon as the air becomes crisp they start wondering when our spooky decorations will come out. 


 Did you check out the Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook? What rules would you add for a Back-to-School version?


So long Summer 2014! New adventures are on the horizon for the next season! 



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  1. Adorable and I love your “rules.” My kids are grown and gone and I miss the whole BTS adventure. May you have many more!

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