Batman Power Attack Bash (#BatmanPowerAttack)


This past weekend we hosted a Batman bash.  Not a Batman party- mind you.  Because boys can party, but they most definitely bash.  And with a series of Batman action figures and the Batmobile involved there was a lot of bashing going around:)  In most ways it wasn’t any different than any other day at my house, except we had many more boys involved:)

I did manage to keep the boys from bashing for a while.

They had fun creating Batman masks.

And later they watched the series Batman- The Brave and the Bold:  The Complete Season Three DVD.   Incidentally my husband thinks it is the best TV series.  He was eager to watch as well!

But the rest of the time?  They were playing!

And with action figures like this, what little boys wouldn’t be in seventh heaven?!

This bad guy is my oldest sons’ personal favorite.

But obviously there were a lot of options to choose from!

There were actually too many characters, therefore my middle son will be donating some to his preschools toy drive donation box.

And what would a party be without food and decorations?

These giant balloons were a hit!  My boys are still playing with them.

We had a lot of different foods- chips & salsa, guacamole, cheese, Goldfish crackers, and an assortment of pies.

Everything was Batman themed, my littlest boys get such a kick out of that!

We had such a fun time at our Batman Boy Bash, I imagine any boy from the ages of 2-10 would!  And I can attest that the action figures and various additional components would make a great gift this season.

This post was sponsored by MommyParties and Mattel via Mom Select, all opinions are my own.

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