Beautiful Blue Eyes by Marianne Richmond Review


Do you remember that first moment you looked into your newborn’s eyes? When you saw their color and watched them express your infant’s first feelings about this strange new world?

Marianne Richmond transforms that moment of seeing her child’s blue eyes into a touching story in her new book Beautiful Blue Eyes , which is a follow-up to Beautiful Brown Eyes.

Heartwarming, charming, and sure to become a new favorite of fans who adore Marianne Richmond’s beautiful artwork and insightful prose, this book shows blue-eyed children the wonder of their uniqueness.

“I watched, and I waited

as your eyes chose their hue,

deciding in time

on their beautiful blue.

Blue as a butterfly

or the sparkling sea.

Blue as the bluebird

who sings in her tree.”

Not only gifted with artistic talent and the ability to craft words, Marianne is also inspirational. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, she transformed her experience into a motivational vehicle, becoming an award-winning author and selling over a million books in the process.

Beautiful Blue Eyes genuinely captures the relationship between parent and child and all of the emotions it entails, from laughter to tears.


As the mother of two blue eyed boys I was eager to read this book.  I remember the delight I felt when I found out my second son had blue eyes.  His birth was sudden and intense, and after he was born I didn’t even get to see him.  They whisked him away to the nursery to “perk” him up a bit.  After an hour of waiting in my room for my baby they finally took me to him.  I practically jumped out of bed in my rush to see him, but I waited impatiently while they retrieved a wheel chair.  As we entered the nursery my husband said,  “look he has blue eyes”,  and I remember what a surprise it was.   My oldest son has dark brown eyes and when they were born they were black.  Based on this I figured my other children would also have brown eyes, so when my second son was born with blue it was a surprise.  Little did I know then that my baby boy #3 would also have blue eyes.

The poetry in this book is easy for children to listen to and for parents to read.  However, what I really love about the book is the part that explains how “I see your eyes speaking to me”.  Eyes are truly the windows to the soul and the book explains how the eyes of a child can show what particular mood they are in.  It is amazing how much emotion eyes alone can hold.  This book was a perfect fit for my 3 year old and luckily he is my blue eyed boy.  He enjoyed listening to the book that he felt was based on him.

If you have a son or daughter that has brown eyes she has also written a book entitled, Beautiful Brown Eyes.

While I loved the story within Beautiful Blue Eyes, I was not so impressed with the illustrations.  Marianne Richmond has written quite a few children’s books and illustrated them herself, so I can only imagine she has a loyal following.  My opinion is that she would be better off writing the books and having someone else create the illustrations.  The images are simple and perhaps that is their appeal for some, but I am interested in art and illustrations that are more detailed.   Honestly,  the illustrations look like something I could create and that is not a compliment.

Overall I enjoyed the book, but still wish she would have had someone else create the illustrations.  I guess to each his own taste!


I received this book for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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