Beautiful Nails in Minutes with Jamberry Nails & a Giveaway


2013-04-05 08.52.36

I’m not especially a girly girl.  But I do have my moments.  And considering that I live in a house with four males, I believe I definitely need to keep those moments.   Nail polish has always vexed me.  I don’t believe I have the patience or skill to apply it correctly or well.  And even on a rare occasion when I have a professional apply my polish, it is still only a matter of minutes before I smudge it.  Because of this problem, I mostly don’t wear nail polish.  In fact, when I do wear polish I mostly wear the clear variety that is almost impossible to detect errors.

I’m using the fact that I live with four guys as my excuse for never having heard of Jamberry Nails.  I like to think that I’m “in the now” regarding many items, but clearly this new nail cover had slipped past me.  The whole concept was completely foreign to me.  When I first understood that these covers are essentially stickers that fit unto your nails, I was a bit skeptical.  I was hopeful, but skeptical.  The question being- would they really stick?  I don’t live a pampered life.  I do the dishes, I pry items apart, I get dirty and rough as any mom of boys will do.  Could these nails take the abuse?  The reason I don’t wear nail polish is because of potential chips.  I certainly didn’t want to wear something that could break off or have problems.

The Jamberry Nails arrive looking like the stickers they are- on a simple sheet.  The process of application is insanely simple.

2013-04-05 07.40.26

(notice my adoring three year old son peering at my nails- he loves them!)

Here is my abbreviated version of the process, you will want to visit the official Jamberry site for detailed instructions.

1. Clean your nail thoroughly.

2. Select a nail size that is right for your particular nail. (This can be a bit tricky.  This is one of those things that gets a little easier with experience)

2013-04-05 07.56.03

3. Carefully remove the sticker nail with tweezers and trip some of the excess you know you won’t need.  Heat under a blow dryer for approximately 10 seconds and then adhere to your nail.  You’ll want to press down and hold for a little while.

4. Trim the excess sticker off.

5. Blow dry your nail for another 10-15 seconds.

6. File down any leftover excess.

2013-04-05 07.55.46

That’s it.  It’s pretty darn slick.  But how long does it stay on?  Well, obviously this part can vary.  I can already tell that I didn’t perfect my nail quite as well as I know I can when I do it again.  Practice makes perfect, right?  But my nails have been on for a week and are still going strong.  However, I’ve had one on my toe nails for four weeks and it is still perfect.  It probably really helps that my toes never see the light of day this time of year:)

2013-04-05 08.18.19


(notice my nails are not perfect, but I feel confident with a little more practice I can improve- regardless I love them!)

So what is my overall opinion of these nails?  Pure brilliance.  Yep, I’m a convert.  No more nail polish for me.  And the look on Nana’s face when she saw me put these on, makes me believe she’ll be giving them a try soon too.   Apparently I am not the only one who has never heard of them:)

2013-04-05 07.39.50

I selected the funky and fun sparkly sapphire nails (I think I was trying to make up for all those years wearing clear polish:)  But there are a lot of options to choose from.  That’s the best part, of course, selecting all the fun designs and colors that are available.  It’s addictive!

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a set of Jamberry Nails in the style of their choice!

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

Please note this contest is available to U.S. residents only.

The winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter and contacted via email. The winner has 48 hours (2 days) to respond. If the winner’s email is incorrect or they do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected. If a winner is selected, and their entries are found to be fraudulent, they are automatically removed from the list and another winner will be selected.The winner will be announced on this page.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Gail Bradford says

    I liked a lot of them but my favorite is the purple haze hombre

  2. They look neat. I can’t put any color/design on my hands without my fingers looking super chubby!
    I love those blue sparkles..

  3. This would be my choice:
    Neutral Feather on White

  4. I left my comment: I love that Land O Lakes contributes to the Feed America foundation! I buy tons of their butter.

  5. Nichol Tone says

    I like zebra

  6. I like the Taupe Vintage Rose
    Thank you!

  7. Christina Burrell says

    Zebra 🙂

  8. Lavendar, Rasberry, or Teal Sparkle!

  9. Kathy L. says

    I like the Taupe Feather!

  10. Kathy L. says

    Go Land O Lakes! Feed America! There is no reason people in our country should go hungry!

  11. Definitely Colorful Leopard. Such pretty colors. 🙂

  12. Jayden H. says

    Coral Diamond!!!

  13. shayne livingston says


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    Purple Zebra ar cool…

  16. jamie braun says

    im lovin the PINK & PURPLE PEACOCK

  17. danielle lima says

    I think my daughter would love the Aqua Pinstripes & Owls ones

  18. Michelle H. says

    I like Taupe Feather.

  19. I love Hot Summer Stripe!

  20. diana shenderovich says

    love Neutral Feather on white

  21. I like the Zebra

  22. I like the Peacock

  23. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    Peacock is very pretty

  24. A lot of those are really pretty, but I don’t think I could pull it off and coordinate outfits every day. However, I do like the black and white damask pattern!

  25. Pink & Purple Peacock

  26. Wild elephant is cute!

  27. These are all so cute! I really like the Bright Greek Key.

  28. Katherine Donovan says

    They are so adorable! I really like Purple Zebra print!

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    i love the pink and purple peacock ones, they have so many cool looking ones, i want them all

  30. I like the metallic croc color

  31. Love the wild elephant, black and magenta lace, emerald lace, and london fog ombre. So many awesome designs!

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  50. elven johnson says


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    I like the Peace signs.

  52. They have several cool patterns to choose from. It was hard to pick a favorite but I think I like the
    Chalkboard Hearts the best. The Neutral Feather on White were another favorite and the peace signs.
    Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway~!

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  61. cindy jones says

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  74. Zoe Shiman says


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  85. I love the London Fog Ombre! So cool!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  86. I love them all! but the peacock is my fav!

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  109. I must be out if the loop As well because I have never heard of these either but I love them! Really enjoyed this review and learning about jam berry nails. My favorite are the various ombre ones, kiss me ombre is my favorite. And for something a little fun, I really like grizz one….it’s not quite a paw print, which is what I was looking for, but it’s close. That’s a suggestion that I may email in to jamberry as they have several animal ones…I’d love one with a little paw print….as I’m a huge animal lover (I have eight dogs, including three rescues as well as various other rescue animals)…. There are so many and I would really love to try these out on my nals. Although I like nail polish a lot, I rarely wear it….I don’t always have the time to touch it up when it chips, which is one of the things I liked reading about these, that you’d had them on for a week and no issues…. Thanks again for the great review and also for the chance to win!

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