Best Historic Homes to Tour in Minnesota


{James J. Hill house} 

The state of Minnesota has many beautiful historic homes that can be toured. Preserving these architectural landmarks and allowing new generations the opportunity to take a momentary peek into the past is important. The grandness of some of these prior residences is intense. Displaying wealth and status never seems to go out of style for some and while most of us live a more moderate lifestyle visiting this type of place can make for a fun afternoon outing. 

James J. Hill House

Pictured above, the James J. Hill House is a Gilded Age masterpiece. Located on impressive Summit Ave, this museum is definitively the most opulent on the stately street.

Make sure to see the 1,006-pipe organ that is two stories tall in the art gallery room. 

Located near the Cathedral of Saint Paul the Hill family actually had the opportunity to watch this magnificent church be built. 

(Reflection of the Cathedral of Saint Paul in a window of the James J. Hill House.) 

Learn more about tour times and special events at the James J. Hill House. 

Alexander Ramsey House

Alexander Ramsey was Minnesota’s 2nd governor and unfortunately {beyond his beautiful home} is most notably remembered for his aggression on the Dakota people. His house is a stately Victorian home and can be toured with special festive decor during the Christmas holiday season. 

Alexander Ramsey House MN Historical House

Learn more about tour times and special events at the Alexander Ramsey House. It’s worth noting that tours only happen at limited times compared to some of the other houses on this list. 

Sibley House 

Sibley House of Minnesota

Henry Sibley was Minnesota’s first governor and his house is the oldest private residence in the state. The historic site actually includes four separate buildings worth exploring. This home isn’t opulent, but instead gives a glimpse into the difficult life of early settlers in the region. 

Interior view of Sibley House in Minnesota

Learn more about tour times and special events at the Sibley Historic Site.


The only home on this list in Duluth, the Glensheen Mansion was built by successful businessman Chester Congdon. Situated with a beautiful view of Lake Superior the entire estate is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Tour the home and then explore the grounds. 

Unlike many other historical homes the Congdon Estate has mostly all the original items. Linens, furniture, books – since the home was donated to the University of Minnesota directly by the family- the historic items have remained more intact. 

Learn more about tour times and special events at Glensheen.

Turnblad Mansion – Swedish American Institute 

Castle is a more fitting word for this former residence turned museum. Currently the American Swedish Institute, the mansion was built by Swedish immigrant turned millionaire Swan Turnblad. The best time of the year to visit is during Christmas when the interior glows with warmth and charm. 

Learn more about tour times and special events at the American Swedish Institute.

LeDuc Historic Mansion

Explore the grounds surrounding the house on your own before taking an official tour of the home. Built during the Civil War by William G. LeDuc, this beautiful Gothic Revival mansion is stately and looks almost haunting. 

LeDuc Mansion

Connect with LeDuc online to get the scoop on when tours are available and regarding any special events. 

If the homes listed above are not enough for you, here are some other places to checkout! 

Charles Lindbergh House & Museum

Mayowood Mansion 

Plummer House 

Are there other historic homes that are a must-see? Please leave a comment with your recommendations! 

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