Best Places to Eat in Duluth


Best Places to Eat Duluth

Duluth is full of amazing sites and fabulous restaurants with delicious foods. We make the trek to Duluth several times throughout the three most hospitable seasons.  During those visits we’ve honed in on our favorites restaurants, which is not to say that we’ve visited all the eateries in Duluth. Regardless I’ve explained in simple detail here why I’ve classified these restaurants as our favorite in Duluth, Minnesota. 

Duluth Minnesota

This list isn’t in any particular order. And I’m sure as I investigate and try new places in Duluth I could no doubt add to this list. That is if I could steal myself away from these favorites.

Canal Park Brewing Company

Canal Park Brewery

A relatively new restaurant to the Canal Park area, this site has quickly become one of my favorites thanks to the patio policy surrounding dogs. Frequently when we visit the North Shore area we are camping and that means we have our friendly 100lb Labradoodle with us. During the summer months leaving him in the car while we eat isn’t an option. Canal Park Brewery allows your well-tempered family dog to join you on the patio while you dine.

Canal Park dog patio

Quesadilla from Canal Park brewery

Canal Park Brewery Menu

Great local beer, good food, and a place to dine with your pooch makes this place a hit. Plus when you are finished eating take a walk along Lake Superior on the nicely kept boardwalk. Or if you have rock loving fellas like myself, take them to Superior for a good round of rock throwing and skipping.

Lake Superior View Perkins Duluth

Perkins on London Road

I know what you might be thinking….Perkins. Why in the heck does she have a Perkins on this list? The simple answer is the view featured in the above picture. Hugging the shores of Lake Superior relatively near Glensheen mansion this chain restaurant has a beautiful view of the lake. I’ve been visiting this breakfast destination since I was a kid and I find satisfaction in bringing my crew there as well. Obviously since this is a Perkin you can find a plethora of food options available for any meal of the day, but this place has always been a breakfast spot for me.

For my littlest guy having pancakes with sprinkles and a view of ships passing by makes this a great restaurant.

Perkins Kids Meals

Sprinkle Pancakes Perkins Duluth

Perkins Fun

Plus in traditional Perkin style I don’t have to be too worried about the kids being themselves and teasing each other while we wait for our food.

Northern Waters Smokehaus

Northern Waters Smokehaus

This sandwich shop is a new find and I’ll be honest a place I’ve only visited once. On our last visit to the area we made a quick stop in Duluth to pick up sandwiches as we traveled further north to Gooseberry. When I completed a quick Google search of the best sandwich places in Duluth, Northern Waters Smokehaus seemed to be the top one on the list. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a random Google search is truly giving you the best option or a paid advertisement, but I can attest the sandwiches were unique and yummy. I had a Caprese sandwich on a pleasant French bread. I grabbed a photo of the nicely packaged sandwich rather than the meal itself so you’ll just have to take my word that is was goodness. And much to my boy’s delight each sandwich has a pickled rolled up in the packaging, a pleasant find for them.


Red Lobster

Red Lobster or as my boys like to call it Red Lobsters is another chain restaurant on this list. Red Lobster anywhere else just isn’t the same. I’m not sure if it’s the history, the fact it’s in Duluth, or that in Canal Park, but this home of cheddar biscuits is a favorite. It would be somewhat impossible for me to create a post about Duluth eats and not include this place. Check out a previous post here for more details.

Have you visited Duluth? Do you have a favorite place that isn’t on the list? Please feel free to comment below with your favorite restaurant! 


  1. Try Martha’s Daughter, Va Bene, Corktown Deli, OMC, Love Creamery, New London Cafe, Duluth Grill.

  2. Please consider reassessing Perkins on London Rd. It’s too bad it’s gone downhill.

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