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Big Easy Blends was founded by three entrepreneurs from New Orleans, Louisiana. The business was formed with the idea to bring great tasting beverages beyond the glass wall by considering the importance to reduce ecological problems found in many beverages sold today.

Our inspiration came from spending many summers at pools and beaches, which prohibited glass bottles. This restricted our mixed drinks to plastic cups and limited our ice chests to canned beverages. Our frustration led to the birth of Big Easy Blends- A pre-mixed alcoholic beverage without the hassle!

Cordina mar-GO-rita™ and daiq-GO-ri™ are packaged in a stand-up flexible pouch.

The mar-GO-rita and daiq-GO-ri™ are 375 ml (12.7oz) all natural products that do not use any artificial flavors or color additives resulting in a sensational taste.

The Unique packaging provides a new and more functional way to enjoy beverages.


The ready-to-drink cocktails can be consumed:

  • on the rocks
  • chilled right out of the pouch or,
  • frozen (packaging allows for Freeze & Squeeze” functionality)

The product’s packaging holds the option to reseal the beverage if not fully consumed.


I discovered Big Easy Blends’ Cordina in an issue of Everyday With Rachel Ray magazine.  The article was really just a short little blurb about portable (non-glass) daiquiri’s and margaritas, but I was intrigued.  As the mom of three little kids I don’t frequent a liquor store very often.  And even when I do make a visit,  I am completely task orientated on bulking up on wine for Nana.  The woman HAS to have her wine:)  My point being that I have not leisurely strolled through a liquor store in some time.  Man, I have been missing out!

I was very excited to try mar-go-ritas, daiq-GO-ri, and their newest flavor, pina-GO-lada.  But before I sampled some of these handy transportable drinks I had a chance to talk personally with Craig Cordes, co-founder of Big Easy Blends.  I was highly impressed that the founder of a company would personally take the time to talk with little old blogger mom me.  In my nine months of blogging I have had only a few companies/PR agencies actually take the time to call me personally.  I have to admit that I find this approach to be very insightful and positive.  Craig talked about how the idea for Cordina came from broken glass bottles at the beach with his brother.  Broken glass is obviously a hazard, especially when you are barefoot at the beach.  We also discussed how Cordina is now available in most states across the country and is constantly expanding its reach.  I found out that Cordina is currently available in Minnesota, so I really have been missing out!

Here are the three different flavors I received to sample.

No mixing.  No blending.  No mess. Serve at home or on the run.  Simply freeze, squeeze & enjoy.


First let me state that the daiq-GO-ri and mar-GO-rita are all natural and do NOT contain artificial colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup.  I believe in the importance of avoiding these unhealthy additives whenever you can and I truly appreciate companies that have taken the extra effort to ensure that their products have the highest quality ingredients.  It is refreshing to see real strawberries on the ingredient list on the box.  This is the way products SHOULD be, but of course all too frequently it is not.  All this being said, unfortunately the new flavor, pina-GO-lada is not all natural.  I’m not sure why this flavor was not able to be made from natural ingredients like the rest.  I’m guessing it was a taste issue.  Craig mentioned how he wanted to make sure the drinks actually tasted very good.  And I can assure you they do!  Let’s take a look at each one.

First- mar-GO-rita!  I am not a margarita lover so  the real taste test for these belongs to my husband as he loves a good margarita.  These margaritas officially get the stamp of approval from my husband.  Here is he on our deck enjoying his drink.  No glass, no tipping problems – these pouches are convenient and easy to use.

Next- daiq-GO-ri!  These strawberry flavored pouches are my drink of choice.  I love a good strawberry daiquiri.  Yes, I like “girly”drinks, but I am a girl afterall!  These strawberry blends were delicious!  While I love strawberry daiquiri’s I never make them as it involves too much work.  This is were daiq-GO-ri‘s are brilliant.  I can simply grab one from my freezer or refrigerator and insert my straw and drink.  So easy!  And I do have to state for the record that they pack a strong punch.  I realize I have almost NO tolerance for alcohol, but even I was surprised at how I felt after one.  Let’s just say everything became a little more silly and lovely after one of these:)  Your results might vary:)

And lastly- pina-GO-lada!  These coconut and pineapple flavored drinks were also yummy.  I love pina colada’s too (it must be the fruity girly, girl within me) and these pouches tasted great.  I love how transportable these pouches are.  We will be taking a car ride across multiple states soon and I am planning on bringing some of these refreshing drinks to have on hand for the hotel room.  After being a car all day with three little kids I’m going to need one of these drinks!  Here is my spot on our deck to enjoy a nice drink.

Overall I was very impressed with Cordina.  I am definitely going to look for them in my local liquor store the next time I’m on a wine run for Nana.  I love how convenient and tasty they are.  Cordina pouches are the perfect summer time drink.

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I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Janice Rahimi says

    I went to the Taste of DC today and discovered Cordina pouches. It was a very warm day and after a couple of hours of walking, I needed refreshment and the mar-GO-rita provided just that! I bought a pina-GO-lada for later at home. What a great idea for a product!

  2. Mike Foley says

    Unfavorable experience with pina-GO lada. it had a very bitter aftertaste. Would not try it again. Also the “Made With Wine” disclaimer was very tiny and not apparent until given close, post-purchase scrutiny. I detest products with small print disclaimers. Hints at unscrupulous providers.

  3. barbara payne says

    My daughter and I found your Cordina light New Orleans cocktails {mango daiquiri} and we loved them. However we cannot find them and would love to get more. Could you please tell us where we might find them?


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