Bingzy Bee Phonics App Review


My four and half year old is at a fun time in his life.  He has in the last number of months discovered letters, writing, and words.  Early this fall he expressed zero interest in all those items.  Then seemingly out of nowhere everything started coming together for him.  I think it might have been that silly Grover alphabet book.  Do you know which one I’m talking about?  It’s the one where Grover contorts his body into all the letters of the alphabet.  Its an oldie, but a goodie.  Anyway that next thing I know my own son is attempting to convert his body in various letters, some being easier than others.

It is at this particular time that he is interested in all these forms of our language and I am running with it.  I am attempting to hone as much of his natural interest as I can into a teachable moment.  That is not to say I’m sitting him down and pouring over school books with him.  Instead, off of his ques I’m making it as fun as possible.  One of those ways is by allowing him to play phonics games on my iPad.  I recently downloaded the app Bingzy Bee.  This iPhone and iPad app allows children to learn in a fun and playful way.

With a simple user friendly menu and options little children will have no problem navigating through this program.  The best part of this app is the ABC song which is has careful examples of letter sounds and objects that start with the corresponding letter.  I must warn you the song is catchy and you might have a hard time getting it out of your head for the rest of the day!

The other portions of the app include games.  And just like the title suggests drag and drop is a exactly that.  Simply drag the correct first letter of the word that needs to be spelled.  Each words also has a corresponding picture.  The play song and games portion displays part of the ABC song and then switches to the drag and drop song.  And the bingzy to the rescue portion has a helicopter (boys will like this) that requires the items to be placed inside alphabetically.  While I like the helicopter aspect I wish that the skill involved something other than arranging them alphabetically.  Perhaps just locating a particular letter would have been enough?

Overall my son and I really like this app as it is another fun way for him to explore and learn his letters.  I am hopeful that with the great emphasis on letter sounds within the ABC song he will get a good boost memorizing them.  Even my eldest son who already knows all the information, as he is seven, enjoyed using the app.

At only $.99 cents  this app certainly isn’t going to break the bank.  I love that!  For such a small fee you can potentially help your child learn the alphabet in a fun way!

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