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I can’t believe it was just last weekend our family traveled to Rio Grande, Ohio for the Bob Evans Farm Festival.   What a trip!  We arrived on the farm Friday to join other Bob Evans guests for a special “Down on the Farm” party.  And then on Saturday we spent the entire day at the festival.  There was so much to see and do at the farm, plus amazing food.   But I will save the details of the festival itself for another post. (Look for it soon!) Here is a my family ready for our day “down on the farm”!

Instead I am going to focus on all the wonderful “goodies” available for purchase at the festival.   I was truly amazed at the quality of the items available for purchase.  In fact I could have spent one entire day just shopping!  All of the craft items were located in giant tents, providing excellent shade from any potential glaring sun or gloomy rain.   And unlike shopping malls or discount stores, the festival has the kind of items that you can’t find all too frequently these days.  Let’s me show you!

The Bob Evans crew was kind enough to provide my family with a festival gift basket.  It is a sampling of some of the items available for sale.  From homemade preserves (Yes, please!) to handcrafted wood items, so many items available for sale are authentic and original.  I love that!  Isn’t it sad when you travel hundreds of miles only to find the exact same items available for purchase a few miles from your home?  I can assure you this isn’t the case with the Bob Evans Farm Festival.  There are a number of Ohio made treasures.  Such as…..

Notice the label?  This item is truly home produced!  Yum!

We have already opened our jar of this jelly and it is so yummy!  Definitely well made, farm goodness!

Ohio made pure maple syrup.  This festival is truly a treasure trove for a person who appreciates eating locally.

How about some freshly ground coffee?  We have been drinking this coffee all week and it is delicious.  The pumpkin flavor is subtle and not overpowering.

This is just a small sampling of some of the great food items available.  I also saw buckeye balls, sorghum lollipops, sweet tea, kettle corn, apple dumplings, and much more!

Now let’s take a look at some quality handcrafted gifts.

I absolutely love this puzzle created by Peachie Originals– this is a wood carved hand painted puzzle.  My sons love it!  It’s so cute!

There is also Quilt Art Jewelry available from Randi Fish-Smith.  Isn’t this key chain adorable?  I already have it attached to my key chain! I love the pattern. Obviously this type of jewelry would make an excellent gift for any quilt lover.

Check out this fun wood carving from The Cat’s Meow.  As you can see it depicts the Bob Evans Farm Festival on the front and on the back provides a brief description of the event.

When my four year old son saw this in my office he exclaimed, “Mommy, we’ve been there!  I want to go back!”.  I then tried to explain to him that the festival was over and we couldn’t just “go back”.  He was only reassured when I explained that we could return next year for the festival.  He is my little farm boy!

Of course no festival is complete without a variety of logo inspired items available for sale and the Bob Evans Farm Festival is no exception.  Here is a smidgen of the items available to help preserve memories of your festival experience.

A great souvenir for the kids!

2GB Bob Evans USB Flash Drive

Frameable art! This lithograph of the original farm house is beautiful!  What a classy way to remember the farm!

Somebody isn’t so happy!

T-shirts and sweatshirts are a great option!

Even notecards of the farm too!

I can’t wait to share all the details from our visit!  Here are a few shots. More to come soon!

While I’m sure many of you couldn’t attend the festival this year (hopefully you can in the future- it is awesome!) I wanted to bring home a piece of Bob Evans for you!

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a Bob Evans cooking set.  (You can actually purchase these handy items at any Bob Evans restaurant- I bought mine at the original Bob Evans restaurant right at the festival)

Included in the set is- one whisk, one set of tongs, one spatula, and one baster brush all in this lovely blue color!

I am a Bob Evans Farm Festival Correspondent through BFPR and my travel and accommodation fees were provided to attend to this event, however (as always) my opinions are my own.


  1. Just an FYI, but I couldn’t find the GFC widget on your site!

  2. Love the “down on the farm” photos and the chance for the prize entry 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Kris Farley says

    I love Bob Evans mashed potatoes!!!!!

  4. jessica walker says

    who doesn’t love Bob Evans?!?

  5. Deena Banks Miller says

    I would LOVE this giveaway. We don’t have a Bob Evans restaurant in our city, but whenever we travel, we always stop to eat. This allows us to have some of the best items from our favorite restaurant.

  6. It’s not letting me like you on Facebook, so it doesn’t let me enter any of the other ways either. I did tweet though.

  7. Great giveaway!

  8. I love the blue

  9. Love Bob Evans!

  10. Love the photos and comments. Thanks for the giveaway; hope I win, blue is my favorite color.

  11. Deena Banks Miller says

    Would love to win this set. Our closest Bob evans is an hour and a half away. How about building one in Columbia, SC?

  12. Hope i win

  13. Rick Fortner says

    Looks like real nice stUff

  14. I really hope I can win!


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