Bogeyman 101: A Guide to Bogeymen Around the World



Ghosts. Monsters. Vampires. Werewolves. Yeti. Bogeyman. I remember being fascinated by these mysteries of the universe when I was child.  There was a section of my school library that had a modest collection of books focused on these various topics. I was riveted. 

Now, many years later, my eldest son is equally fascinated by these myths. Perhaps it is a rite of passage, or maybe it’s genetic. Whatever the case may be Bogeyman 101 aligns with the current interests of my book-loving 10-year-old son.  


 With glimpses into the bogeyman myths across the globe, this book provides the best sort of thrills for young minds. The book is organized initially by regions and countries- Scandinavia, Arctic, Japan, Australia, Sinai Peninsula, Russia, and Jamaica.  Within each section are themes focusing on explaining what is the bogeyman of that region, the bogeyman story, tips on how to protect yourself against that particular bogeyman, and insights as to the probability of the bogeyman being real.  

As a former history teacher, my favorite aspect is the brief historical perspective as to why these bogeyman myths might have come to be. As is typically the case, there is a logical explanation as to the origins of these stories. I guess I’ve grown up. I’ve outgrown a little bit of the sense of mystery and fascination that I remember having as a child.  Nonetheless, these stores are delightful and are best shared with your child.  I can relive some of my former excitement for these topics through my kids. 


Bogeyman 101 author Karen Hokanson Miller is a former teacher.  With years of experience educating the youth of Illinois, she is a now a writer focusing on those topics that she knows will intrigue kids. Full disclosure- she is my husband’s aunt:) I can personally vouch for the sheer enthusiasm she has for kids and books. Checkout her other book Monsters and Water Beasts


  1. Jennifer Rogers says

    Ok Wow I think I have to have these books for my grandson! So great that a teacher writes these, I know they will also be filled with facts!!

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