Boogie Monster Dance Kit Review


This complete Dance Kit contains one Boogie Monster book, one pair of Boogie Legs Leggings, and one full-length Boogie Monster Boogie music CD by Recess Monkey. Everything’s packaged in a colorful reusable gift box with a magnetic closure – a great gift for parents, grandparents and children (ages 3-8)

We recently received the new Boogie Monster Dance Kit by Josie Bissett.  This book kit was not a new concept to my children because we already own Bissett’s first kit, Tickle Monster.  My youngest son received the Tickle Monster kit as a gift a while ago.  The Tickle Monster kit contains the book and a pair of tickle monster blue furry hands (they are super soft).  The idea behind the book is pretty apparent.  Read the book with your child and insert tickling while wearing the blue furry hands.  My boys that this was silly and fun.  They love being tickled and the book was quite cute.

This new book kit from Bissett is also a simple idea that captures the innocent spontaneous fun that children usually have.   Instead of being scary, this monster likes to boogie.  The author takes the frightening notion of the boogie monster and turns it into a silly get up and dance event.  My almost seven year old loved the play on words and thought it was quite clever.  However the whole joke was completely over my four year olds head.  He didn’t understand the play on words, but he did understand this book was about dancing.  Here are two of my guys reading the book with Nana.

Good luck making it all the way through this book!  In no time at all my boys were up and dancing (boogie dancing).  Here they are showing off their moves. I might have to hold this picture for when they are older:)

Notice what my oldest son is wearing on his legs?  Fuzzy orange leg warmers.  This is what makes you own children little Boogie Monsters.  The idea is cute and obviously my son had fun playing up the part. This kit even comes with a CD so your family can continue the fun even when you’re not reading the book.  My sons currently have the CD in their room so they can have a little dance party when they wish.

These book kits from Josie Bissett are cute, fun, and a great way to interact with your children.  They take the normal sit down and read book experience and turn it into something even more interactive.

Like I mentioned we received our first set the Tickle Monster as a gift and I believe either set would make a great gift.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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