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My family loves books.  I mean we really love books.  My living room always seems to have books strewn across the floor and I have bookcases in almost every room of our house.  I tend to go a little nutty at the library on a frequent basis.  I still get that euphoric feeling when I enter any library, as I know I can check out and take home whatever I want.   Yes, I have a sheltered existence.  And yes, I’m a complete nerd.

I am pleased to see that my children are book lovers as well.    My oldest son is in first grade and just learned how to read this year.  I believe he was capable of learning earlier, but I didn’t want to push him, as he isn’t the type who will be pushed easily.  Instead I let him learn with his class at school, but of course required mandatory reading time at home.  He is now an avid reader, easily reading two grade levels ahead.  My husband and I are so proud.  My middle son, age four, loves looking at books as does his younger brother, age two.  Sometimes when I am busy in kitchen I will notice a strange silence radiating from the living room.  I quietly tip-toe into the room to see exactly what is going on.  Frequently I will discover the two of them sitting on the floor or chair completely engrossed in their own book.  Love it!  I think any child can be a book lover as long as they have access to a variety of books.

We recently received a treasure trove of books to help us prepare for summer from Candlewick Press.  Not familiar with Candlewick Press?  Based in Massachusetts this children’s book publishing company has recently been named “the fastest growing children’s publisher in the U.S.” by Publishers Weekly.

I have reviewed a variety of different books from Candlewick Press before and I have always been pleased with the quality of the selections and this was certainly true in this instance.  Let me show you these new awesome selections that would make a great addition to any house with children.

Let’s Have a Tree Party!

author: David Martin
illustrator: John Manders

What could be better than friends together at a party in a tree? All of the forest critters will be there: the squirrel, raccoons, possums, frogs, birds, mice, and more. Even the slimy slugs are sure to slither in for the food, games, music, and dancing. And don’t forget Baby Bear – that little clown will be there for sure! John Manders revs up the action with bold illustrations, while David Martin sneaks in some counting and movement prompts in a rollicking, boisterous tale that will have children eager to jump up and join the party.

Doo-boppa, doo-boppa, doo-boppa-do! Join the romp as a bevy of forest creatures, both diurnal and nocturnal, inspire a very active celebration.

grade range:
Preschool – Kindergarten

This delightful rhyming children’s picture book is easy to read and easy to enjoy.  No serious topics, just plain old fun with great illustrations.  The picture of a bear wearing an ice cream cone nose made my four year old burst into giggles.  Something about the book seemed familiar to me and later I discovered that I have read several other books illustrated by John Manders.  I find his work to be very fun, child friendly, and silly.  This was an easy win with my two younger children ages- 2 and 4. 

Hop, Skip and Jump, Maisy!

A Maisy First Science Book

author/illustrator: Lucy Cousins

Maisy is full of energy, just like the toddlers and preschoolers who love her. With this interactive picture book, children are invited to channel that get-up-and go into stretching, jumping, running, playing ball, jumping rope, somersaulting, and lots more. Like Maisy, of course, they’ll want to take time for a nutritious snack -and hunker down for a good night’s sleep when all that activity is done.

Get kids moving with Maisy! Just pull the tabs, and your favorite mouse will show off fun actions that children will want to imitate.

grade range:
Preschool – Kindergarten

This Maisy feature is one of those awesome interactive type books.  By moving small tabs within a page Maisy can perform a variety of tricks.  I thought this book was particularly original as Maisy can jump rope, kick a ball, and perform somersaults just to name a few.  With this type of book however, comes the potential for being destroyed.  My children love it, but I am not entirely convinced my two year old won’t wreck some pages.  Children this age just tend to not understand the fragile nature of these tabs.  This book is best used with adult supervision to ensure it is not damaged.

Go Out and Play!

Favorite Outdoor Games from KaBOOM!

author/illustrator: KaBoom

Do you know how to draw a hopscotch grid? What’s the silliest challenge in the game of sardines? How do you keep from being “out” in SPUD? Is there any way to escape the blob? This lively, infectious guide to games runs the gamut from classic to contemporary: kick the can, freeze tag, blindman’s bluff, red light green light, four square, duck duck goose, and so many more. It’s all sparked by KaBOOM!, a nonprofit with a passion for creating outdoor play spaces nationally and around the world.

For KaBOOM!, play is serious business! So this guide also includes tips for adults on how to encourage and facilitate outdoor play as well as a wealth of resources on how to help create more play spaces in your own community.

Go outside and play! Here, at your fingertips, are how to’s for more than seventy best-loved games, all set to spread the fun of active play to kids of all ages.

grade range:
Kindergarten and up

This book is a great resource to have on had this summer.  With a plethora of fun outside games at your fingertips keeping your children entertained during the long summer months will be much easier with this book.  Most of the games mentioned are oldies, but goodies that you might have forgotten.  Plus the description and basic breakdown of the game makes it easy to understand the explain to others.  Just this afternoon my entire family of five played several games within the book.  We had a fun game of Sharks and Minnows, Blind Man’s Bluff, and Sardines.  I really wish I would have had this book with me when I was planning my oldest sons birthday part last fall.  With eight kids in my yard some of these outdoor game ideas would have been very handy! 

How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food

author: Chris Butterworth
illustrator: Lucia Gaggiotti

The best part of a young child’s day is often opening a lunchbox and diving in. But how did all that delicious food get there? Who made the bread for the sandwich? What about the cheese inside? Who plucked the fruit? And where did the chocolate in that cookie get its start? From planting wheat to mixing flour into dough, climbing trees to machine-squeezing fruit, picking cocoa pods to stirring a vat of melted bliss, here is a clear, engaging look at the steps involved in producing some common foods. Healthy tips and a peek at basic food groups complete the menu.

Fresh retro artwork lures little readers on a tasty trip to farms, dairies, and more. Yum!

grade range:
Kindergarten – Grade 3

This is an awesome book. I grew up on a farm- my parents produced a variety of beans, wheat, barley and occasionally sunflowers.  My mother also had a garden were she tended to a wide selection of vegetables.  I inherently knew where my food came from.  But in today’s fast paced world children may be confused about the origins of their food.  It just comes from the grocery store, right?  Of course everything is much more complicated than that and this book explains the origins of certain basic foods in a simple and straightforward manner.   Bread, cheese, apples, clementines- with engaging pictures and short explanations children can learn about each process.  It is not surprising at all that it was selected as the American Farm Bureau Book of the Year.

Cookie Monster’s Busy Day

Brand New Readers

author: Sesame Workshop
illustrator: Ernie Kwiat

What is Cookie Monster’s favorite color to eat? How many ways can Cookie, Elmo, Abby, Big Bird, and pals move along in a parade? From washing up to making his bed, Cookie’s day is as full as his belly!
Each set offers four simple, funny stories starring favorite Sesame Street characters.

Includes the stories:
Cookie Monster Cleans Up
Cookie and Elmo Eat Their Colors
Cookie Monster and the Parade
Cookie Monster’s Bed

grade range:
Preschool – Grade 2

These Cookie Monster books are simple, short, and fun.  Who doesn’t like Cookie Monster?  The recommended age is up to 2nd grade, but I think that is a stretch.  As far as reading is concerned this is way too easy for my first grader and hopefully would be equally too easy for a typical second grader.  And while the pictures are fun, my two year old expects more from a book than this super simple story.  I would recommend these books for the one year old range.  With short sentences they are perfect for this age groups short attention span and is a great way to begin the process of understanding books. 

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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